Great Places to Be

by | Jun 19, 2002 | Archives

Merri and I decided years ago that cool, green, uncrowded places with peace and quiet and lots of water were the greatest place for us to be. We have that all here at Merrily Farms. Yet once long ago a wise physician said to me, “Gary all medicine is dose!” So we make sure that our peaceful life is spiced with occasional visits to crowded European cities where we immerse ourselves in their shops, ethnic restaurants, concerts, museums and galleries. London, Copenhagen and Vienna are three of our favorite cities in the world. This year we plan to make two out of three.

In July we head for England. Having lived there for eleven years these British trips are not only full of culture, but are a walk down memory lane and offer many fascinating features. London was our home and we know all the restaurants and best places to be, the theater, museums and other places of entertainment.

I am joining with tax attorney Joe Cox, International Insurance expert Ed Jeffery from Panama and several top London international investment experts to conduct a seminar on July 18 and 19. I hope to see you there. More details are at

Plus Britain, as one of the homes of the ancient druids, offers a wealth of incredible information about esoteric knowledge on health and wealth. So this trip we'll also visit Glastonbury and stay with our family at the Tordown Healing Center. You can learn more about the center at

Glastonbury has been a spiritual center since before Joseph of Aremathia planted his staff from which a holy thorn tree sprouted on Wearyl Hill and he built the first Christian wattle church in the grounds of what is now Glastonbury Abbey. This is a great place and wondrous place to be! The Michael and Mary leylines run through Glastonbury and continue their English journey from Cornwall to Norfolk/Surrey. Some say they emanate from the pyramids at Giza in Egypt, and there are some leyline energies running through Tordown itself. For those of you who have ready the 65th Octave you might remember about controllers and how they use leylines! See

In late August and early September we will be in Copenhagen, one of the most walkable cities in Europe. We'll visit the Royal Theater, Christianborg Slot, the seat of Denmark's Parliament, visit Quenn Margarethe II's audience chambers, enjoy Opera, stroll Hillerod Castle, plus immerse ourselves in the charm of Copenhagen's inner city, famous for Hans Christian Anderson, charming canals, Tivoli Gardens, Carlsberg Breweries, Royal Danish Porcelain and miles of quaint, cobblestone stalls and shops. Merri and I walk the streets of Copenhagen for hours and hours…along the waterways, the plazas, the ancient buildings, Tivoli Gardens, everywhere.

Here I will speak at the Jyske Bank seminar. This is a special course because it will introduce some outstanding answers to the problem of high risk and low investment return we all face in today's economic environment. Take as an example Jyske's New Jyske Bank Private Bank Metals 2002 investment pool which invests 35% in gold, 30% in Aluminum, 20% in Copper and 15% in Silver. This is a guaranteed no risk investment which includes the following benefits:

Jyske Bank guarantees you get at least 100% of your original investment back at maturity (2004).

You can choose to have your return in dollars or Euros.

There is growth potential of up to 80% if the price of the metals held rise.

Low minimum investment of USD/EUR 16,000.

You can get more information about this particular pool which is open for investment only from 17 to 28 June 2002 by going to and clicking on JBPB Metals 2004.

So Copenhagen will be a week of learning, wealth and enjoyment. That's definitely a great place to be. I hope to see you there! You can get more information about Jyske's seminar at

We hope to share the pleasure of these great cities with you this summer and until next message hope wherever you are is a great place to be!