Secret of Longevity

by | Jun 11, 2002 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

35 years of global travel has introduced lots of ideas of ways to stay alive and enjoy living longer. Diet and nutrition are keys but there is something more. Stories of long living usually include some attitude of need, belonging or care. In other words, to live long productive lives we need good eating habits, sufficient (but not too much) physical activity and a service attitude.

Thus when we received the letter below from a friendly reader, I could quickly reply. Here is what he wrote:

“Gary, You are too much. You have more money than you'll ever spend and now you are selling roses. What will you come up with next?”

Here is my reply:

“My Friend, The roses are just the tip of the ice berg. We also have invested in a lodge in the Amazon and I have just set up the domain where we'll be selling hand made art, crafts and stuff made by craftsmen and artisans this area. Plus we have just signed a distribution agreement with Lithia Springs to sell their alkaline Lithia water. This is some of the most healing water in the world and can have a profound impact on a person's health (FDR used to soak in the Lithia Springs when he was President).

In addition we are working with Dr. Wayne Pharr to help him expand his valuable healing service.

I don't have any plans other than continuing to let our BIRM business grow, do my daily messages, get my next novel finished, along with a motivational book. Of course we continue to improve our farm property here, plus are looking for property in the Bahamas and Florida to buy and renovate. In additional I'll share more about an Argentine real estate inspection tour we are looking at for 2003.

In addition, I have just recently been hooked by bees! Thanks to my son, I see an incredible market potential for bees! This, I can just promise you, is going to become a booming area of business. You'll learn more why in a few weeks or months. Bees may be more socially, economically and medically important than avoiding an India-Pakistan nuclear war.

When these business ideas jump on me (as the roses have) I cannot resist!

There is nothing I love more than developing a business. This helps us make our course International Business Made EZ more effective. I can speak more profoundly because I continually learn more about how to succeed in my own small business as I become more involved in many small businesses myself. Also, we feel wonderful helping others in the Amazon, Ecuador, the Blue Ridge and the pollination process!

Now that you make me think of it, I am too much (or rather this is all too much) but this is wonderful because it's all so much fun! If I were to retire or stop turning my passions into profit, I would get in a rut and that my friend is just a grave with the ends kicked out!

I get so excited thinking about the love someone will feel when they see a dozen glorious roses that someone sent sitting in their front room. My heart pounds when someone tells me that BIRM has improved their health! I am filled with joy when delegates say that my courses have improved their lives or that staying on the farm has relieved so much stress.

Nor is it just the money. Profits are society's way of keeping us all in balance, but I have given away more than my profits in the past half decade. Conducting business from the heart to me is an honest way to serve and an honorable way to exist.

This may be why at a time when my pension actuaries say I should retire, I feel like I am hardly started. Only God knows how long I have to be on this earthly plane, but if I live to be active and busy past 100 (as I feel I will), it's because there is so much to do for others, that is so fun for me. Often when I go to bed at night I can hardly wait for the next day to start. So much to share, so many people to help, all the plans to turn into action. This makes life just darn fun.

So if I were asked to offer just one single thought of advice to help the world it would be, “Be too much in something you love. When you are, your fountain will always runneth over!”