Learning as the Bubble Bursts

by | May 30, 2002 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

A recent article is USA Today (Money Section B – Thursday May 23, 2002) entitled “Unpredictable Market Bursts Expert's Bubble” by Adam Shell, explains one reason why I so strongly recommend that we all learn how to turn our passion into profit.

This article outlines how many broad market calls made by the top Wall Street gurus have destroyed their credibility. There has been massive turnover at the top of market analysts at the large Wall Street firms. It pointed out how the top people at firms such as Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Bear Sterns are now gone.

The article shows that sideways motion in the market was hurting both the bulls and bears.

This should come as no surprise. This site has been warning about the sideways, downwards trend in the market place (see the message below) for years. Clear back in 2000 we pointed out similarities of the internet bubble with the 1968 offshore fund bubble and how this was heading toward a long (10 to 15 years) period of equity market fluctuation (see the link for this warning below).

We have also recently been stunned by the disaster at Enron, by top stock brokerage firms being fined hundreds of millions for leading investors astray (for the brokerage firms profit) and the collapse of top telecommunications businesses.

By now the point should be clear. We cannot trust all this financial and economic information (I call it noise) that is thrown at us everyday. This data is not sufficient nor reliable enough to show us how to increase our wealth.

So what can we trust?

The answer is that the infallible reality that has always allowed people to survive and get ahead economically is the human interaction called service. By service I mean something beyond buying shares that you hope will go up in value.

If you know a way to offer some service to your fellow humans you will always be in demand! The best way to offer this service is with our own business. No other form of service is so personally controlled. If we invest in someone else's business, (shares) we don't really know what's going on (as the Enron disaster has proved again). If we lend others money, we never truly know how safe the principle will be (as the fall of Japan's credit rating has proved). But if we understand a need and know how to serve it, we have the best chance of being able to clearly see a positive economic reality.

There is no other way to make as much return on our investments than in our own business!

So go to the link below for today's tip on how to be more successful in business.

And until next message may everything good be your business!