Inspired Investing is Feeling Good

by | May 29, 2002 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

Wealth should make us feel better. If we invest in things that make us jumpy then its a bad investment now matter how much profit we gain. On the other hand if we believe in something, even if it performs badly, it may still be the right investment for us.

With this in mind I continue to hold gold (and have for the past two decades) as part of my overall portfolio and I recommend adding the yellow stuff to your portfolio now if you do not have any. Learn why at the link below and until next message may all your investing be inspired!

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Why I recommend gold now; see below.

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I have continued to believe in gold through thick and through thin for one simple reason, gold is discipline. For money to work discipline is required. The current concept of money is a global social contract and nothing more. Money will not work unless everyone agrees that it does. During turbulent times governments use less and less discipline in the creation of money. When too much paper gets in the market it becomes worthless. For a currency to work it must be durable, divisible, portable, desirable and rare. No doubt there are risks of deflation (when metals will go down) as well, but gold will always have some value because it fits all of the requirements above while paper or electronic money may not.

You can see some valuable insights on what gold might do next by clicking to (NB: this is a 956k Adobe Acrobat file which may take 5 mins. on a slow connection)

Until next message I hope all your investments are golden.