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One of the most sensible, easy to use health programs that Merri and I have tried is Ayurved, the Indian science of life. Years ago after we became ill from Chernobyl radiation we visited the Ayurvediuc Health Spa in Lancaster Massachussets every six months for seven years. The treatments there not only helped us rid ourselves of the effects of radiation but taught us how to live in a far healthier way.

For example Ayerved taught us how our bodies are governed by three doshas (physiological operators), seven dhatus (tissues) and three malas (waste products) which are in dynamic equilibrium with each other. Any disruption of the natural harmony, proportion and biological rhythms of these elements violates the balancing principle, and if not corrected, may lead to illness or dis-ease.

We learned how an out of kilter metabolism builds up waste. The concept is that inefficient metabolism (called agni ) and digestion create ama, by-products or residues, which deposit in the channels of the macro and micro-circulation (shrotas) and in the tissues (dhatus). This prevents the unobstructed flow of biological matter and intelligence, and promotes imbalance and ultimately dis-ease. These concepts reflect current understandings of cell physiology and pathological processes such as aging and arterial disease.

This is one reason why our recent health messages have focused on cleansing technique to rid ourselves of this waste buildup within our bodies. See links to these messages about cleansings tips below.

From this we also learned ways to eat, work, relax and live so that less waste is created and maintained within so we enjoy increased energy, vitality and longevity.

During these visits we also gained a great respect for Dr. Jay Glaser, a North American trained M.D. who lived in India for many years and has specialized in integrating western medicine with Ayurved.

Now Jay is offering a FREE course that presents a few points of Ayurved at a time with lessons sent every ten to fourteen days. I highly recommend this course. You can read an introduction at https://www.garyascott.com/health/

Until next message, I wish you the best in energy, happiness and health!

For details about cleansing techniques see https://www.garyascott.com/health/