Coming up Roses

by | May 22, 2002 | Archives

We have been looking long and hard for ways to help our readers who are interested in helping raise their income.

Merri and I have lived part time in Ecuador for eight years. One thing we discovered there is that the Andes grows the most beautiful roses in the world. A fresh, long stem Andean rose lasts two or three times longer than most roses you can buy and because of the unique combination of soil and 365 days a year direct sun, the colors glow and are more vibrant.

But how can one get fresh roses in the U.S direct at a price that most of us can afford (or are willing to pay)?

One of our goals in our course International Business Made EZ is to help delegates set up their own international business. In this quest we have looked at Andean wood products, leather, textiles, silver, ceramics, much, much more and roses.

After visiting rose plantations, talking to growers and searching many places for the best, we found a way to get absolutely fresh roses from the Andes into the U.S.

If you are interested in being in the rose business, send me a note at and I'll be happy to share details. But this message is not about the rose business. It is about loved ones.

Because of what I have learned in my business quest, you can send your Mother, Father (or anyone else you love) the most beautiful roses that were just cut in the Andes three to five days before they reach your loved one's home.

Here is the difference you will experience when you send this gift. Most Andean roses are cut and shipped within three to five days to a wholesaler in Miami or Newark, New Jersey. There they are placed in cold storage and they wait, sometimes a week or more for an order so they can be shipped to a florist. Once at the florist they may again sit for a week or more. (We won't even think about what happens to roses coming through a supermarket distribution system.)

Roses from the Fresh Rose Club take only three to five days. Your order to the club goes directly to the Andean plantation, where your roses are cut the day of order (or the next day). These roses are then sorted, graded and the premium quality is selected for you and hydrated overnight in cold storage. Next day each stem is placed in a glass container to maintain freshness, boxed, and labeled for Fedex or UPS air delivery. These boxes are then shipped (with any other orders) by air freight to Arizona where they are then rushed directly on to your loved one.

You can place your order here.

I hope this information will help you make your loved ones happier on and for weeks after special events. Until then may everything come up for you…well… in roses!