How Inspired Investing Works to Help You Earn More

by | May 21, 2002 | Archives

Last week's message on Great Places to Be outlined my belief in the enormous potential of Small Town USA. Monday's message on health fortified this belief.

Now the May 14 cover story in USA confirms how terribly correct this idea is. The article entitled “Retirees Staying Put” (available through outlines how the 78 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 want to move when they retire, but that the trend is now for them to move only 25 miles or so from the city where they have lived. This is a huge change from the past as for decades about a quarter of retirees moved to Florida.

Now with a larger number of retirees and a larger percentage wanting to move, there comes the feeling many also want to remain near family and friends. As a result demand for a new kind of community is exploding in the Northeast, Midwest and West.

The article shows that 86% of retirees born before 1946 wanted to stay in their current home when they retired, but only 55% of the retirees born in 1946 to 1964 want to stay at home. This means that 35 million people plan to move in the next 28 years!

This will create incredible demand in Small Town USA.

The question I wish to pose here is, how did I know? I did not have any early access to USA Today's article. I have not studied any real estate or retirement statistics. So how did this belief develop?

As a baby boomer born in 1946, I simply drove through the country and felt what I was feeling. This is the essence of Inspired Investing. Learn to feel your own passions, realize that others have similar desires and then figure out how these feelings will affect the market place. Inspired Investing comes from listening to your inner voice rather than the noise that surrounds us in this increasingly busy and noisy world.

Baby boomers have one added advantage. The market we represent is huge, so the way you feel may be shared by about 77,999,999 others!

Until next message may every investment you make be inspired!