A Most Obscure Health Secret, Great Places to Be

by | May 20, 2002 | Archives

Rolling hills, green in Spring's fresh splendor are cut by a graying fence and horses mellow in the rich grass. Merri and I are sitting in a hillside condo overlooking this pastoral scene. A warm breeze, ripe with scents of wild honeysuckle, rises up the hill. We are between Helen and Cleveland in the North Georgia mountains. This is a great place to be.

Our last message (a link to this message is at the end of this note) on great places to be pointed out some of the advantages of Smalltown USA. As cities become more crowded, as security concerns grow, as the stress of daily living intensifies; I believe that small towns and the countryside will become increasingly in demand as supply decreases. Prices appear to be even lower during the recession. Three factors could cause values in Small towns to accelerate faster than other areas. #1: A rise in desire to escape the city. #2: An increase in the number of people who become able to work at home away from the city and #3: A reduction in the gap between real estate prices between city and non city prices. We were looking around this area, (White County) as it is one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia, fed by residents of Atlanta either moving north or picking up second homes.

Yet we found prices quite low, in instances, good fixer uppers with land in the $30,000 to $50,000 range. Yet, and here is where there is opportunity, other houses listed on the same page may run over $1,000,000. This huge diversity creates opportunity for those who will research a market, find out which are fashionable areas, why and where will the next likely spot for price rises be. I have told my son that there are few ways to make as much money as to buy a property right, move your residence there and improve the property as demand also pushes the price upwards. After two years (due to the current tax laws) you can sell, make up to $500,000 in capital gains tax free!

There are several listing services I reviewed that covered these areas north of Atlanta. One is Homes For Sale. Another is The Real Estate book. Their websites are shown below.

In addition I continue to recommend Ashe County, North Carolina where I have been buying land. More details are available at the link below.

However we were in this north Georgia area for a health reason as well because being in a clear mind and sound body is also a Great Place to Be and my mind has not been as great as it should. What I discovered will be of importance to you. To learn what I found go to https://garyascott.com/health/555/

For details about Ashe county real estate go to https://garyascott.com/lostprovince/203/

To see pictures of the land we have purchased in Ashe County go to http://www.littlehorsecreek.com/

Homes For Sale. http://www.locate-homes.com/

The Real Estate book. http://www.RealEstateBook.com/