Join Gary Scott in London. Invest Better & Reduce Tax.

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Join Gary Scott, Ed Jeffery, Joe Cox and Global Investment Experts in London. Invest Better & Reduce Tax.

Investments that protect our savings face twin obstacles today. Manipulated markets and loss of confidentiality threatens our investments now. There has been a terrible onslaught against tax reduction and privacy. Tax authorities have steadily chipped away at the concept of keeping one's assets in unobtrusive ways. There is a growing attitude that financial privacy itself is something wrong. Plus it's harder than ever to make profitable investments, unless you know investing secrets such as those shown next page.

In my book, “65th Octave”, the hero and heroine, Robin MacAllen and Talking Panther, stumble across a group of Controllers who try to gain control of the world's economy. These Controllers accumulate huge amounts of shares and dump them after creating terror in the marketplace. With their extensive cash hoards, they buy up the market for pennies on the dollar. Released well before the September attack on freedom. I worried the premise was far fetched. Now the plot hardly seems dramatic enough!

In this day and age of market rigging, continual lawsuits and aggressive government interference in our private lives, good investing requires competent, honest advisors and a structure that is low profile. This is why I am joining some of my most trusted contacts to put on courses about international investing.

This course in London focuses on the most private structure investors can use.

International life Insurance policies are private, asset protected and fit most tax laws. Meet international bankers, top global tax attorneys and overseas portfolio managers who share the latest ways to increase your wealth and savings. This course includes an extensive global economic update that focuses on emerging as well as major markets. Hear international bankers and investment managers review opportunities in Europe, Canada and U.S., with economic updates on Latin, Asian and African emerging markets. Join me and a host of global speakers July 18-19 for International Business & Investing in London, England. $399 ($549 for couple)

Keep What You Have

Another important key to Everlasting Wealth is to pay less tax and have fewer lawsuits. This has become harder as aggressive tax laws have reduced loopholes. Anti-terrorism rules have all but destroyed financial privacy even for honest law abiding, tax paying citizens.

There is however one excellent loophole left, overseas life insurance policies. This is one of the few remaining ways to hold assets in a legal, very private (and lawsuit protected) way.

Since the early 1900's tax provisions in industrialized countries have given preferential tax treatment for insurance vehicles so burdens of financing death and retirement does not rest with the government. These tax benefits are often superior to trusts because insurance contracts are non-reportable and tax deferred. Like a trust, one person or entity can form the vehicle, another can own it, and others can benefit from it.

Life insurance policies give you the ability to set aside assets in a private way, yet monitor their growth and use professional money managers who can build your assets on a tax deferred basis.

Insurance policies allow you to wrap almost any asset. Investments can range from simple interest bearing deposits to mutual funds, real estate and even shares in your own business! These policies are private because life insurance policies (domestic or international) do not need to be reported. There is no discrimination made between the two types if they meet requirements of the IRS and the SEC. You can place IPOs, real estate or even investments otherwise not available to US citizens or residents of certain countries in the policies. These policies allow you to structure your assets on a non-reportable, tax-free basis while removing your name from assets to lower your visibility. The insurance company is the investor and owner of the assets but the insurance contract gives you the value of the underlying investment.

Fixed Income

These policies make extra sense for those who have fixed income investments. For example I am currently looking at a policy issued by the Generali Insurance Company, one of the largest insurers in the world.

This policy guarantees a minimum 5.5% to 7% interest. (5.5% under $100,000. 6% from $100,000 to $500,000. 6.5% up to one million and 7% for policies of one million dollars and above). This guarantee is for ten years (5 years for the 7%-6.5% for the next five years), plus if interest rates rise returns can rise.

This income is worth more than interest on bonds or CDs because it is tax deferred. Liquidity comes from 0% net interest loans. The interest paid loans is the same as the policy earns. The contract can be Tefra and Defra tested for U.S. taxpayers, which means it confirms to U.S. tax codes (so it is tax deferred) but also means non U.S. investors can have a policy without death benefits required by U.S code. This policy will not create any raised eyebrows going through a tax haven either. The policy is issued in Trieste, Italy and the investment the funds are sent to is the Miami account of Generali. The policy documents are issued from Trieste though the administration is done from the branch in Panama. Costs can be as low as 1% annually!

Life insurance policies lower profile, give legal privacy, defer tax, add estate benefits and sometimes protect assets from lawsuits. They are the last simple loophole that still gives everything! But at what price? As we have seen, costs can be as little as 1% of the asset!

Ed Jeffery, of LALIC Insurance Services in Panama and my tax attorney Joe Cox will join me and Investec, one of London's top investment banks and international investment management groups to provide the most up to date, in-depth information about current global investment opportunities and tax deferred asset protected, overseas life insurance insurance that is available for tax planning opportunities now.

More Income

Another key to Everlasting Wealth is to increase income as you defer tax.

This is why I will show at this London course how a true international business with a genuine non local partner is generally the most tax advantaged business in the world.

Won't you join Merri and me with this host of global speakers July 18-19 for International Business & Investing in London, England. $399 ($549 for couple).

If you cannot make London you can join the international speakers in Panama June 27-29, July 25-27, August 15-17, Sept. 19-21, Oct. 24-26 or come to Orlando and meet with and the speakers in November 15-20. I will conduct the International Business Made EZ course November 15-17 and Ed and Joe will conduct the tax and global economic course November 15-17.