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Our recent health messages have looked at practical, effective internal cleaning formulas such as watermelon and castor oil – links to these cleansing messages are provided at the bottom of this note.

Today's health tip is a cleansing learned from a Shaman who lived high in the Andes. Though the village where he lived had no running water, the locals always glowed and their skin looked fresh and clean. I questioned their secret and this is what they said. This cleansing is delightful and works inside and out! Take six packets of camomile tea, six long cinnamon sticks and a handful of black cardamom. Boil them thoroughly in a couple quarts of water. Set aside a cup or two to drink. Dilute the balance in three to five gallons of water as hot as you can stand. Get in a bathtub or shower. Sit in a meditative pose, relax and slowly ladle cup after cup over your head and entire body. When through, do not rinse or towel dry. Let your hair and body dry naturally. You'll feel clean with a warm glow, smell like apple pie and your skin and hair will shine!

Enjoy drinking the tea as much and often as you like. This is a sweet, gentle secret that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

In addition you can enhance the effect with BIRM. This food supplement, rich in minerals from Amazonian volcanic soils helps improve the skin, muscles and bones and has the ability to improve most health activities. See a special example below.

One of the most special things for Merri and me is helping friends improve their health. We feel very privileged to have been able to introduce BIRM because we have been hearing again and again that it enhances other health efforts. Though once in a while we hear from a reader who has tried BIRM for a month and doesn't feel any difference at all, letters like the below are so much more the norm. Read on and you will see why this is special!

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Dear Gary & Merri:

I just had to write you and tell you about my results after taking your BIRM product! I received a bottle as a gift from a dear friend at Christmas and decided to incorporate it into my New Year's resolution of getting back into shape. Seems I do this every year! I have a standard low-carb, high-protein diet I've been following for the past 5 years, with the usual satisfactory results. The goal is always the same, lose that gut, slim down and have more energy! I usually try to enter one of the body transformation challenges that some supplement companies offer, just to keep me interested and motivated, so I take photos. I take some protein supplements, vitamins, and exercise and eat a healthy diet. When the 12-16 week finish date arrives I usually have decent results, but not enough to actually send in my finish date photos to the contest. Well this time it was different!

This year I did everything exactly as before, with the exception of adding the BIRM and look at my results! I actually exercised less than before (only on weekends for about 2 hours a day) due to my busy lifestyle and young children. I know the BIRM made the difference. I also had less colds and flu symptoms to slow me down. That is tough to say with two little girls in public schools, always bringing something home! I feel stronger than ever, look better than ever and have 10 times more energy! I give credit to the BIRM! The newspapers in the photos are for verification of the dates, per contest rules (Jan. 1, 2002 and May 1, 2002).

I actually went from a 34-inch waist to a loose 32-inch (31.5); body fat went down from 24.7% to 10.9%, and you can see all the muscle I put on! At a ripe old age of 52, I feel like a teenager again!

Thank you for making this product available. I have also been giving it to my 22-month-old daughter who had several severe complications at birth and she is making marvelous strides in her progress! All the physicians say that she is a miracle. And she really is! Her progress continues on a daily basis!

Much love to you and keep doing what you're doing! We need more wonderful people like you two in this world!

Graciously, Davis Rorer (Along with a happy Tammy, Scarlett & Johanna)

PS – I actually entered the contest this year by sending in my photos!

Before After

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