New International Investing Financial Service

by | May 3, 2002 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

Our most vulnerable assets are those passed into the care of others, especially if they are located all over the globe. Different rules, regulations and accounting procedures make it much harder to keep track of our global investments.

Recent scandals suggest that corporate leaders (such as the head of Enron) are not too interested in looking after shareholders. Other fiascos (such as many other Anderson failings) show how accounting watchdogs are not much help either. Plus the scandals of Merrill Lynch and other major investment firms outline the fact that our brokers and investment advisors may not always have our best interest in mind.

In short when it comes to global banking and broking we can use a friend. Which bankers and brokers, you use or might consider are the best?

Teddy Christiansen my banker for years (until he retired from Jyske Bank) has created a service to help you answer that question.

For details see Teddy's page at this website. This is a unique service that I’ve never seen before offered by a banker that I trust and have known for more than a decade.

Until next message, good inspired investing!