How to Catch the National Psyche

by | May 2, 2002 | Archives

One sure fire way to have a successful business or investments isto correctly guess what society will do next. Yet we cannot always deduce the future with logic. Movements in mankind are hardly logical and quantum shifts in technology, politics, etc. make it impossible to begin with an accurate premise. This appears to leave us just with our view of a flawed past.

Fortunately this is not entirely true. We can see the future in the here and now!

A friend inadvertently taught me this fact years ago when he recommended a book (How to Survive the Upcoming Crash of 1995). I read the book when it had the New York Times bestseller list for many months. The compelling, frightening information told about how the U.S. economy was about to melt down because the U.S. deficit was out of control and was headed to 1.6 trillion. The book offered no solution to this dilemma.

I wrote a marketing piece that mentioned the book, outlined this problem and gave readers a way to find solutions by ordering a course from me. Over the next two years this marketing piece worked unbelievably well creating millions in sales even though the data in book was totally wrong. Later I asked myself why. The answer? That marketing piece nailed the thoughts of millions of investors right on the head because they had all read that book! I had inadvertently tapped into the national psyche.

Now I always look at the list in large newspapers of best sellers. Next week in the International Business section we'll look at a strong message these bestsellers are sending investors and business people now. Until then, good global business.