Inspired Investing! As Above…So Below.

by | May 1, 2002 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

Few phrases contain such truth. Even fewer such importance. We can see almost anything using the wisdom in this idea. Modern scientists are just learning that everything is composed of smaller pieces of the same stuff (fractal geometry). Ancients had figured this out and the science of astrology exists to this day.

We can see this truth in the way our highways, the life roots of city life, are clogged with traffic and how this life style creates clogged arteries.

This is why it is so important to turn our passion into profit in business ad investing. When we look within for little things that are important to us, we are looking at needs of an entire market place. There is no way to understand a need better than by looking at yourself and no more powerful way to create the courage of your convictions than doing this.

This is why Warren Buffet's advice on how to invest is Inspired Investing. (see

Until next message, I hope you find inspiration in your investing!