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Here are improvements to help you.

Over the past two years our web site has grown so we are now approaching 2 million words, quite a batch of data to chew. To make the site and our services easier to use we are refining our 1-5-7 system. We have one goal, to make your life better with easy to use, credible information that brings you more income, greater capital gains, more vitality, longevity and health. For easier use we have divided this service into five sectors, #1: Health Secrets of the World, #2: Ecuador, #3: Inspired Investing (or Quantum Wealth), #4: International Business Made EZ and #5: International Investing Made EZ. Each of these five categories has seven sub categories for easier navigation.

Today’s message will share a health secret and today’s tip is eat a watermelon. Now in the spring. Andean (and other) healing traditions view the body as having several elements including water, fire and air. Imbalances of these elements reduces energy, vitality, even leads to illness. The seasons too contain elements of fire, water and air. Water is predominant in spring, fire in summer and air in autumn-winter. Our bodies tend to accumulate these predominances during the season. In winter we have air imbalances (leading to dry throat call colds). In spring we pick up too much water (runny noses we identify as allergies, etc.). So at the beginning of each new season it’s a great idea to clean the system out.

Watermelon is a cleanser. Eat a whole, big one if you can. This works in the spring and summer when the flushing action removes excessive fire, water and air. The melon must be fresh, cut within 20 minutes. Watermelon is a sponge that absorbs and flushes free radicals from the system. If you let the melon sit after cutting, it oxidizes and loses its cleansing capacity.

Sound crazy? I thought so but tried it after watching a Shaman prescribe it for a woman suffering a severe rash (a summer fire imbalance). I felt so good, I make this a regular habit each spring and summer. Here is a book on the subject of seasonal eating, written by a friend that I believe you will enjoy.

How to Learn More

The Three Season Diet“, John Douillard, Three Rivers Press. This book is an excellent health generator. Lose Weight. Beat food cravings. Get fit. John has been a acquaintance for years. A former professional athlete, he helped train Billy Jean King, is a consultant to the New York Nets and runs an Ayurvedic and chiropractic practice in Boulder, Colorado.

Until next message, good health!