Health Secrets of the World

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“Health Secrets of the World” are one week total immersion courses that run concurrent to the business courses conducted at Little Horse Creek and in Ecuador. The course fee at the farm is $999 for the week ($1,499 for a couple sharing a room), which includes luxury accommodations at the farm and use of all facilities, (steam – massage room and spring fed mineralized hot tub.)

Ask for pricing details on the one week Amazon course by writing to

Dates for the “Health Secrets of the World” courses are:

  • October 6-13. Little Horse Creek.

These Health Secrets courses combine ancient healing wisdom with modern technology and include education, exercise, meridian analysis, organic meals, steam treatments, soaking in the sacred waters, BIRM treatments, plus pure spring water and fresh air.Stay one week in this total immersion course and you will have lost weight, inches, feel younger, more energetic, vibrant and relaxed.Sign up early as accommodations are strictly limited at the farm and the Amazon Lodge!

Join Merri and me at our Blue Ridge training center, or visit our centers in the Andes and deep Amazon for a one to three week total immersion program there.

Health Secrets of the World

October 6-13.

There is a fountain of youth, but it is not in one place, or in one pool. Instead there is a fountain of knowledge in mystical places, the Amazon, Himalayas, Andes and other such hidden spots where the air is pure, water is clean and the food fresh, natural and mineralized with vitality and purification power.

Merri's and my lives have changed because of what we have learned from working with and learning from masters of health and longevity all over the world.

We have lost weight (though we were not by any means overweight) and our bodies have shaped up wonderfully. We have more energy, our skin looks better, tighter, our hair is thicker, our muscles more taut. Aches and pains have melted away and we don't get sick, colds and flu seem to be a thing of the past.

At nearly 60 we have bounding energy. Our five children, between twenty to thirty five years younger, often have trouble keeping up.

More important we feel good nearly every single day. This is good because the best way to assure a healthy future is to be happy and in good health today!

I highly encourage anyone interested in natural ways of attaining higher degrees of health and greater longevity to join us on our “Health Secrets of the World” and enjoy the beauty of this great the Blue Ridge Mountains as you learn different ways to attain longevity, more energy and better health.

In addition to what you learn, you'll enjoy the journey and notice improvement right away as you are immersed in balancing surroundings, eating vitalized food and absorbing the energy of these ancient mountains. Even absorbing part of the deep wisdom we have been given to share can make your life, brighter, happier and healthier in many ways.

This course is conducted this summer and fall in North Carolina and is entitled “Health Secrets of the World” and shares sacred wisdom and health secrets we have learned on our decades of journeys around the world including the sacred Andean mountains and valleys and the Amazon jungles of Ecuador.

You can learn how to eliminate stress and gain more energy, vitality and longevity in the Andean-Amazonian way without flying all the way to the equator. “Health Secrets of the World ” is conducted at Merrily Farms at Little Horse Creek located deep in the recesses of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. This area was selected for its isolation, pure water, fresh air and healing springs by an Andean Shaman.

This week long course includes educational sessions shown below, plus Andean-Amazon-Ayurvedic cooking lessons, exercises and cleansings in the healing waters of the “Indian's Trough“.

This week long course is conducted by Gary & Merri Scott at their Blue Ridge Little Horse Creek farms. And the fee is $999 ($1,499 for a couple sharing a room)and includes lodging and all meals. Some of the subjects covered are below:

Syllabus of “Health Secrets of the World”.

  • How to gain power in your own personal path. Learn why the era of the guru is dead and how to avoid having your life dictated by others.
  • The three fundamentals of longevity. Gain Shamanic secrets of nutrition, exercise and purpose so you'll eat, work and sleep better and more peacefully through the elements of water, fire and air.
  • Why Ecuadorians are long lived and feel good. How you can too!
  • Andean-Indian connection language, exercise and food. How to sift fact from fiction and way to apply ancient wisdom to a modern lifestyle.
  • Air Imbalances. What they are. How to spot them and five ways to end anxiety.
  • Fire Imbalances. What they are. Seven ways to avoid them and reduce anger.
  • Water Imbalances. What they are. Three ways how to avoid them and eleven ways to wipe out depression.
  • Andean Food Mixtures. How to lose 43 pounds in eight weeks!
  • Incan Cleansing Tactics. Nine ways to have an internal fountain of youth. Three simple fruits, three spices and three internal cleaners that remove plaque, lower blood pressure and clean and lubricate the joints.
  • Adding strength through the diet. Six magic foods, how to turn quinoa, corn, beans, eggs, cheese and yogurt into increased muscle mass.
  • Natural Growth Hormone Inducers. Three secrets for a youthful body.
  • High Mountain Dreams. Seven ways to get deep, revitalizing, good nights sleep.
  • Using the Doshas in your routine. Ritual is the key to success and a long life. Learn when it's best to eat, think, exercise, work and relax, each day and season.
  • Testing Your Pulse. Avoid illness by spotting and correcting imbalances at the earliest stage.
  • Seven Incan exercises that will add years to your life and life to your years.
  • Three Amazonian Herbal Secrets. Enhance your immune system, shed twelve years from your age. Add strength and shape your body.
  • Incan dietary secrets for weight loss, purification and vitality. How to buy, cook, prepare, serve and eat. Visit the Andean markets and learn and see which foods, spices, herbs and teas to use.
  • Cleansing herbal showers and drinks you can make and use at home.
  • The Secret of the Golden Thread. How to make every day seem like a lifetime.
  • Incan meditation. Learn Shamanic Mantras for every day that release stress, brighten your outlook and put you in touch with your surroundings.