What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet

by | Mar 25, 2002 | Archives

Our webmaster discovers a new book that reads more like a good spy novel. In short, if you are concerned about online privacy, ever use the Internet, you probably need this book. Steal it now.

Am I cynical? Having used the Internet for over 11 years and seen plenty of “Wow! Exclusive!!” it wasn't the sub-title “What They Won't Tell You About the Internet” that caught my eye but the fact it fell of the shelf at a bookstore whilst I was looking for something else. (This happens in romantic films, I know, but it isn't usually a book like this!)

Steal this computer book 2“Steal This Computer Book” is both an exciting read and one that will make you nervous. This updated edition of Steal This Computer Book guides you through all the possible attacks and pitfalls you face on the Internet. It reveals the techniques and tricks that computer hackers could be using on you right now. Everyone is vulnerable to attacks from computer viruses, Trojan Horses (beware of “Geeks Bearing Gifts!”), electronic con games, malicious hackers, online harassment, and everyone should be concerned about privacy, data secrecy and encryption.

This remarkable publication brings together all you need to be aware of and what you need to do in one place. No matter how secure you think your computer is, it is still vulnerable to a variety of attacks that could steal your data, wreck your files, harass you personally, or even hoodwink you out of thousands of dollars.

Our sections on scams, privacy and keeping wealth are some of the most popular and I know many are concerned about online privacy and security.

The included CD-ROM includes anti-hacker and security tools – including encryption tools, virus scanners, Trojan cleaners, firewalls, intrusion detection programs, computer forensics tools, etc., for Windows, UNIX/Linux and Macintosh.

With this book, you can protect yourself and your computer from the dangers lurking on the Internet. Even if you do nothing about it, the book is a good read!

STEAL THIS COMPUTER BOOK 2: What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet is available direct from No Starch Press or from Amazon.com.

What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet
by Wallace Wang
October 2000
ISBN: 1-886411-42-5

340 pages