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Dear International Friend,

Here is a reply from a veryintelligent readers to recent messages about Everlasting Wealth.

“Gary,Fun is indeed the purpose of life, as you seem to have discovered.So what makes fun? Overcoming not unknowable obstacles toward a knowngoal. The more one accomplishes the more one needs a bigger goal tocreate fun. Money is actually the lowest level goal. Above it ispersonal improvement. Above that is personal conviction. And bigger andabove them all is duty.

Duty to what? To choosing to help the most entities and elements inthis universe so that the greatest number are helped by one's actions.Unfortunately there are huge barriers to doing this, both personal,mental, spiritual, political, environmental and the fact that just ahandful of men rule the earth, both through finances and power, and areclose to enslaving it toward their nefarious aims.

So the highest fun would be overcoming these barriers, beating thesebad guys and delivering the gift of true power and freedom to as manymen and women as possible. But to do this one would have to have thehighest possible knowledge, power, freedom and organized team.


This reader's thoughts make a lot of sense. Yet without these few peoplewho are trying to enslave the world, would we be denied this wonderfulchallenge? My book the 65th Octave is about controllers but I do not think that anyone can control our lives, if we learnhow to serve and how to be happy and healthy.

There have always been controllers who try to dominate every society andeconomy since and before Greek and Roman times. Yet there have always beenfree men in and around each of these societies too. No one can control usif we choose not to play their game!

This is why we have developed a very special series of courses to help usall attain true freedom. You can see our schedule for the remainder of thisyear. Until next message, good, business,investing and freedom to you!