Third True Story

by | Mar 16, 2002 | Archives

The mountain stream roars, white waters boiling over huge round boulders ground smooth from the water's toil. Verdant hills rise steeply silver waterfalls that spew fresh from the green. Here is another key that unlocks sacred knowledge that can make you rich. Learn what that is here.

Dear International Friend,

Opportunity gets thrown at us in Ecuador in so many interesting ways. This day we were inspecting a huge estate in the country bordered by a wild mountain stream. There are thousands of acres with lots of primary forest. The owner wants to do something with it, but what? We were considering the potential of a lodge and small community based around an ecological preserve.

The true story I came across on this trip can help us understand how to unlock the most powerful forces in the universe. On the way back to Quito, we stopped at a small, charming restaurant hidden along the river, sitting on stilts off a mountain side and surrounded by green. We felt like we were dining in a tree house.

The owner was there, a European, drinking hebral tea. “That's good tea”, I said. “Yes”, he said, “but I am not drinking it because I like it, but because I am on a fast”. Our conversation continued and I learned that he was on a 16 day fast. I discovered that this man had built one of the most successful food businesses in Ecuador but as his fortunes rose he became more and more depressed. Locked for decades in the need to survive financially, he had discovered that just money was not enough. Once he had plenty of money in the bank there was nothing left for him to strive for in life. He took bigger and bigger risks just for kicks. He started to gamble, but none of this brought him any satisfaction or joy in life.

He grew near suicidal in his depression. The more he succeeded financially the worse he felt.

Fortunately this man learned that he could use his money to help others. He established a foundation to help children and his equilibrium was returned.

I see this continually in the investors and business people I advise. Money, success and fame all are affected by the law of diminishing returns. The more you get, the less they mean. This leads to several errors. The first is the need to have ever increasing chunks. This leads to increasingly undesirable risks. One becomes bound to lose. I call this the Bunker Hunt syndrome. Bunker Hunt was a very rich heir to a huge oil fortune. He was worth hundreds of millions of dollars but lost it all through speculation as he tried to turn his hundreds of millions into billions. When is hundreds of millions not enough you ask? When you have this and still find life flat.

The second problem is that money loses its power to motivate. Unless one finds an alternative, drive and ambition are lost. The joy of life is gone and in this state bad decisions are made or do nothing gets done at all.

The morale of this lesson is that we have to do what we love and we have to learn how to give.

Giving is not subject to the law of diminishing returns. There is an ancient Indian saying in the Vedic texts that reads, “action is my duty, reward not my concern”. I have framed this and it sits in my office, so I will never forget. This does not mean we should not be concerned with having profits. This does not mean we should not be concerned with having money and wealth.

This means that the essence of all successful business is giving, not taking. If your business is involved in something you love and it helps others and makes the world a better place, you will feel satisfied and have fun.

We learned in recent messages that the keys to “Everlasting Wealth” are more income, higher capital gains, with less lawsuits and tax and more energy, better health, a longer life and most of all more fun.

Fun is the true gift we should receive from our daily business and investment activities. Turn your passion into profit! Learn to provide a valuable service or product in a way that makes the world a better place. You'll be guaranteed everlasting wealth.

The next message looks at how we can gain all seven keys to everlasting wealth this year. Until then I send you lots of fun in everything you do!