Second True Story – How to Earn 4,800% a Month

by | Mar 15, 2002 | Archives

Learn how sacred knowledge can make you rich. We all possess sacred business knowledge that can bring us continual fortunes. Yet often we don't even know we possess it and even if we do, don't know how to unlock it. Learn how in this second true story here.

Thin sheets of salmon and golden orange slice the inky blackness on the horizon. The jet turns right and slightly rolls. Land appears. Ireland. Passengers awake to coffee smells and the bustle of a morning meal.

Having lived in Britain for eleven years and educated three kids there, Merri and I have crossed the pond so many times, I cannot count. Yet flying into Heathrow always gives me a special thrill. The plane glides over never ending rows of homes and I am always reminded of an amazing story about sacred knowledge and how it can make you rich.

I call the knowledge sacred because knowledge is just a thought, an electrical impulse we cannot touch, cannot see, taste, smell, hear or feel. Yet it is there and is so real and powerful it cannot only change our financial future forever, but can change the world.

This true story is about a man who was in the greenhouse business. He raised and sold flowers and having made enough money to take a holiday in London. As the jet he sat in lowered itself towards Heathrow he saw the myriads of houses stretching out of view, the streets, the tiny back yards, the roofs and chimneys. He thought it looked like a miniature wonderland from his high altitude view. This man's sacred knowledge gave him a different view so he did not see chimney pots sitting on the roofs of the roofs below. Being in the flower business, he saw flower pots below.

Sacred knowledge is a different view of a common thing. Because chimney pots are common and necessary commodity on every house, their price is low. Flower pots on the other hand are discretionary items people are willing to pay a great deal for.

This man's sacred view created an idea. He bought hundreds of chimney pots for a few dollars apiece in London, shipped them back to the U.S. and sold them as flower pots for hundreds of dollars. He made a fortune.

I can share numerous such stories because I see them every day while working with my delegates at International Business Made EZ.

For example one delegate visited the Ecuadorian village of Calderon. The craftsmen here specialize in manufacturing masapan, bread dough figures that come in every shape and size. This pasty material is made into flowers, dolls, chess pieces, statues, figurines and so much more. If you can name it, the craftsmen can make it out of this flour dough material which dries rock hard. They make them into bracelets, necklaces, pins, refrigerator magnets, earrings as well. Prices are low and this delegate had sacred knowledge about hotels (this was his business). He saw that masapan flowers could be excellent gifts to pin on hotel bills presented to departing guests. He bought a batch and gave it a try. They were wildly successful. Everybody loved them so he started selling them other hotels. He pays between seven and twenty five cents for each piece and sells them for a dollar up to $1.95, making as much as 2,800% on his money in a month! And his business grows.

The third example of this true story was another delegate, a woman who worked at a self defense training center for women. She came to International Business Made EZ in Ecuador and while shopping in Otavalo (the largest Indian market in South America) saw clay whistles molded into decorative form selling for 33 cents apiece. These whistles were made in the forms of dogs, fish, turtles, etc. Her sacred business knowledge saw something other than clay figurine whistles. She saw decorative security whistles that women could wear for safety and make a fashion statement at the same time. She bought over a hundred on her first trip and sold them at the center for $15.95 each, making over 4800% return on her investment!

Everyone needs to recognize their own knowledge that is sacred as well. The sum of your life has created some tiny impulse within you that when unlocked can create almost unbelievable profits. To unlock this secret knowledge is simple. Travel and look. Sacred knowledge works best when exported because every culture lives differently from all others in many, tiny ways. Sacred knowledge is unleashed when you observe how others live, what things cost and how the society works in that place. This observation allows you to spot distortions and create everlasting wealth.

There is one more important element that makes sacred knowledge work best. I explain this in the third true story tomorrow.

Until then, good global business and investing!