Unlocking Secrets of Freedom

by | Mar 11, 2002 | Archives

Deep Amazon jungle noises faded into night. A tropical deluge began. Cozy in our tents of netting, the rain romped dreamily on thatch and then suddenly stopped. Silence roared so loudly I awoke. While thinking in the silence and dark, this message came to share with you.

Dear International Friend,

During the final evening of our last trip into the jungle we sat with Shaman Aldemar, round his sacred camp fire, its flickering the only respite from an inky Amazonian blackness. We talked about freedom.

Aldemar has nothing in the way of materials things, but is perhaps the world's freest man. The rivers and rain forest are his income, the paths through the rich foliage his supermarket and the jungle his pharmacopoeia.

He cleansed us with leaves from the Chunga bush as he talked of how Mother Earth fills all his needs. All he has to do is treat her with reverence and respect and observe the nature of Her ways. Now this is real freedom and wealth! In fact freedom is wealth. Isn't that why we want money, so we can do as we please? Freedom is wealth and vice versa. They are one in many ways.

We learned in recent messages that the keys to “Everlasting Wealth” are more income, higher capital gains, with less law suits and tax and more energy, better health, a longer life and most of all more fun.

We learned from Aldemar that the most important key to this everlasting wealth is to get up each day and do what make us feel good. This is what he does. Consequently he is full of energy. He works at our Amazon lodge (you would never know he is a Shaman when he is working and out of his Shamanic garb) and he literally runs from job to job, smiling, always full of enthusiasm. He is in tune with nature and feels what needs to be done and is so in touch with these feelings that what is needed is what he wants to do.

This is true harmony almost never found in those of us who live in less civilized parts of the world (such as cities).

Now Merri and I are headed back into the forest with Aldemar. Friends have a hard time believing that this is work, stalking remote jungles, hiking high Andean ridges and sitting reading, talking, studying in the full sun, while breathing fresh, rarified air and watching Equatorial sun glance off high mountain lakes like a million, crystalloid gems.

We seem to be zipping to so many remote or exotic places, (we will barely be back from Ecuador before we head for India), meeting, studying and working with an eclectic mix of such interesting people. Some times we are working with top portfolio managers from key financial centers, (Jersey, Cayman, Bahamas, Isle of Man, Edinburgh). Other times we are with international bankers (from London, Copenhagen, Vienna and Zurich), or asset protection and tax attorneys (from Panama, the U.S. Toronto) and as odd as it seems, we are often with healers and philosophers, think tank directors, future business planners and others like a Sufi master from Iraq, a Tibetan Monk who specializes in longevity, Incan Yatchaks, Amazonian Shamans and Indian Vaidyas, plus some of the most advanced western physicians in the world.

Why this odd mix? All these people share secrets that can help us have real freedom and hence everlasting wealth! The importance of this grows because freedom is something we all want, but it is becoming more elusive. Recent events have increased war, added frightening government intrusions into our private lives, and complicated our failing economy, added more law suits and increased stress. Plus soon (we cannot fight these wars for nothing) there will be more inflation and tax.

We need every insight we can gain to be able to see clearly what to do in these times of turmoil. All the people above, the money people, the philosophers and the religions offer valuable information that is connected, but each also contains some false clues. By listening and learning from all and looking for knowledge that matches, we have a better chance of separating truth from dogma. To this end I highly recommend checking out a foundation that promotes searching for the truths in all philosophies and religions.

Merri and I have been on a 30 year journey to find ways to unlock the keys to everlasting wealth. Recent messages covered seven secrets (income, capital and the energy-health-longevity).

Yet the most important secret of success offered by the western money people, the Shamans and all the rest is eerily the same! Have fun!

Our search began in Hong Kong in 1968, has wrapped round the world and has led us to North Carolina and here in Ecuador. During this time we have tried to share by example as we learn by following our passions. All the pieces have fallen into place. Because of our travels, we have earned income almost everywhere, leaving each place with more money than we began. We have seen dramatic increases in our capital because of our freedom (and desire) to travel and we have paid less tax than most of those who sit in one place. Plus we have never been sued.

Most important we go places we really enjoy. This is most important because if life, freedom and wealth are not enjoyed, what is the point?

This is why we added a health and stress reduction course to compliment out investing and business courses. In our thirty years of working with thousands of investors one fact is clear. Money is not enough. You have to know how to keep and enjoy it, or else. If it's not fun you'll lose it or even worse try to hoard it like a miser.

Without fulfillment money is actually destructive. A shocking report on CNN two days ago shows that 80% of all Americans over the age of 25 are now obese! This is not because there is too much food (though there is too much of the wrong kind). This epidemic of fat is caused because most people in the western world are doing and having more and more while enjoying it less and less. They eat to fill the void that comes with lack of satisfaction.

We must have fun to succeed. Perhaps fun is not quite the right word. Satisfaction, fulfillment, passion may be better. Whatever the word, the reality is that we must do something that puts us in the zone.

The zone is the place where we are not working to get things done, having fun doing what we love, so time stands still. We have all experienced the zone at one time or another, but few know what it is or how it is achieved.

Yet there is a scientific explanation for this.

The zone is a place where our coordinated mind body (neural-muscular) process dips into a quantum creative state where we literally create what we what with our intention or belief.

You can understand the power of our intention or observation by reading a previous message at this site about quantum computers.

Quantum science tells us that we have the ability to put our thoughts to work at a united, unmanifest universal level where we literally manifest the universe we want with our intention.

Motivational experts have advocated the power of this state through the use of aphorisms and mental imagery for centuries, but quantum scientists can now tell us better how this works and show how the feeling of real joy is the sensation of being in command of one of the most powerful forces (focus) in the universe.

We can see how this works by looking at our physical form. Our senses suggest that we are solid. Yet we know (at least our education and social circumstances have led us to truly believe) that we are actually a batch of molecules, tiny bits of matter each spinning around another while separated by huge amounts of space (greater relative distances than from earth to the sun), blended in a way that creates us.

If we look deeper we find even these bits of matter are not solid, but are composed of smaller bits, called atoms, also spinning around one another and separated by vast distances.

An even deeper look finds these smallest bits of matter composed of smaller stuff still, electrons, quarks, bosons etc.

If we look deep enough we reach a point where the tiniest bits of matter in a quantum state, are not solid at all, but are fluctuations between states of energy and matter.

The key, it turns out, that causes this quantum flux to change from one state to the other is our intention, attention or observation.

In other words when we really get into what we are doing, when we are really absorbed, when we have faith, when we put our hearts and souls into something, we reach this state (often called the zone) that literally creates success. We become connected to the universe at its deepest level of creation when we are in the zone.

In the zone we get better information (call it instinct) and we introduce our desires more successfully.

How do we get into the zone? This is the question that has kept Merri and I on the move, looking, asking and trying because we have to do more than wish.

But what?

They say that all good things come in three, so to help clarify what we have to do to have everlasting wealth, to get in the zone, I will share three true stories in the next three messages. Each story exemplifies one of three steps needed to get in the zone for everlasting wealth.

This is also why we have three parts to our upcoming courses. Part one (“Haciendas and Health“) gives knowledge about how to have more health and energy.

Part two (“International Business Made EZ“), deals with increasing income and capital gains, plus reducing law suits and tax. Part three (“Deep Amazon“) provides an immersion in Quantum Living as lived by the Amazonian shamans.

Our March 18 thru 29 courses will be the last full three part course (you can attend one, two or all three parts) we will conduct in Ecuador this year. In April we move north to Merrily Farms to conduct the courses there for the spring, summer and fall. We hope to see you here! Until the next message (and first true story) I hope that everything in your life is filled with joy!