The most important key of all

by | Mar 5, 2002 | Archives

The seventh key for “Everlasting Wealth” is more important than the rest put together.

Dear International Friend,

One of the most important scientific crossroads in recent decades was Dr Candice Pert's identification of neuropeptide molecules that continually flow through our bloodstream. These molecules connect the space between each cell and respond almost instantly to our feelings. This means that every part of our body is connected. Our whole physiology experiences and reacts to every emotion we have almost instantaneously. When we laugh we flood our system with happiness and when we are sad our total being is weakened. Laughter really is the best medicine!

When we are having fun we do everything better. Our minds are clearer, our bodies stronger, our manner more convincing, personality more attractive, intuition sharper, health better and life enhanced and extended.

This is why the theme of our March 22-23-24 International Business Made EZ course is “Turn Your Passion into Profit“. When you do what you love you automatically have fun. This is also why we have two courses focused on increasing your energy this March. When you feel good physically it is so much easier to have fun!

I had been thinking about this a lot when sitting in a Doctor's office to check out a sore on my ear that would not heal. This had been bothering me for years and just would not go away.

The Doctor said the only ways to cure the problem was surgery or radiation, yet when Merri and I lived for three months at our plantation deep in the Andes, with a Shaman and his apprentices the sore just went away. Our life there was almost totally stress free. We had invited the Shaman and lived exactly as he and his helpers did. We ate their diet, did their exercises and lived on their work routine. We just enjoyed being free to enjoy good physical activity, pure fresh food and water and plenty of rest with no negative stress at all. That's all the body needed to cure itself. When we are in tune with nature and enjoying ourselves, everything just seems to fall into place.

Yet in the western world we all too often spend most of our lives doing things we don't want to do, just for the money. What a waste!

Though most of us cannot change our lives in a day we can start thinking, looking and planning now to do more of what we love (and figure out how to make money from the process), rather than the other way around. Living, working and investing in areas we love unlocks an enormous hidden power which we will look at in a future message. Until then, good global business and investing.