Top Value Major Markets

by | Mar 3, 2002 | Archives

Here are Michael Keppler's current major market recommendations.

Dear International Friend,

Yesterday's message showed how to increase capital by spotting good value. One way to do this with equity markets is through eClub advisor Michael Keppler's Top Value Market system which rates markets based on the price to book value, price to cash flow, price to earnings, dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return on equity.

Yesterday's message showed that top value emerging markets are undervalued 30% and offer a better statistical value than top value major markets.

In local currencies, only three major markets advanced in the last measured month and fifteen declined. The best performing markets were Singapore (+11.6%), Austria (+3.8%) and Australia (+1.3%). Sweden (8.2%), Japan (-5.9%) and Spain (4.4%) performed worst.

Keppler's current Top Value Model Portfolio remains unchanged with Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong and Norway at equal weights. According to his analyses, these markets are currently undervalued by 15% on average (half of emerging markets). Keppler's current ratings suggest that the markets included in the Top Value Model Portfolio offer the highest expectation of superior risk-adjusted performance. Keppler's address is

An investment in a spread of either top value major or emerging markets offers an intelligent diversification from the U.S. dollar

You can learn more about this system at the upcoming International Investing course in Copenhagen Denmark this August. For details on this course send me a note to

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