Second Key for Everlasting Wealth

by | Mar 1, 2002 | Archives

Yesterday we learned the first key to Everlasting Wealth, higher and continual income. Learn here the second, third and fourth keys.

Dear International Friend,

Today’s health tip is to never mix sweet with salty foods. This is a nutrition secret of the Andean Shamans and correlates with Ayurved, the Indian science of life. All food in the dietary science of the Andes is divided in either salt, sweet or neutral and each has a specific place.

Seven keys to “Everlasting Wealth” are more energy, better health, longer life, increased income, higher capital gains, fewer lawsuits and less tax, plus most of all, more fun.

Our two unique courses on health combine ancient health secrets such as this (and show which foods are which and when to eat them) from China, India, Tibet, the Andes and Amazon). This is knowledge that Merri and I have picked up in our global travels and have combined with modern technology so they work in our busy, western, materialistic world. Each course combines three benefits; #1: our shared experiences, #2: ceremonies with Shamans we have met and #3: an immersion in ancient nutrition and exercise programs.

When we have more energy (the second key) we are more likely to succeed in our business. Better health (the third key) reduces costly medical care and a longer life (with good health and energy-the fourth key), gives more time to earn.

Our health oriented courses balance our programs for increasing wealth, because just making money is not enough.

The two upcoming courses, Haciendas and Health (March 18 to 21) and Deep Amazon I & II (March 25 to 29) are set before and after our International Business Made EZ course March 22-23 and 24. International Business Made EZ focuses on increasing income, capital gains and reducing law suits and tax while having fun. The health courses focus on vitality, energy and longevity.

The trio of activities in the courses (knowledge, nutrition-exercise and Shamans) work to clean and vitalize energy systems that modern scientists would call bio-quantum links. In India this system is called Marma points, China, acupuncture meridians and in the Andes, Rivers of Light. The nutrition, exercise and Shamanic techniques you will learn at the Hacienda and Health and Deep Amazon courses will help you lose weight, increase muscle mass, have more energy, sleep better, gain more insights and enjoy life more through cleaning and energizing these power points in your body, plus learn secrets of nutrition and exercise.

The book “Shaman, Healer, Sage” written by Doctor Alberto Villdo explains how these points affect our energy, longevity and health. You can read an excerpt from this book by clicking here.

The Hacienda and Health course surrounds you in luxury. The “Deep Amazon I & II” courses surround you in wilderness, Deep Amazon I taking you to the jungle in comfort and “Deep Amazon II” taking you on Shamanic transformational quest with no luxuries at all.

Tomorrow, we look at the fifth key to Everlasting Wealth. Until then, the best of health, energy and vitality to you.