Shaman, Healer, Sage

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This is an excerpt from the book “Shaman, Healer, Sage” written by Doctor Alberto Villdo and gives an idea of the tactics that healers from around the world use to enhance our energy, vitality as they increase our life span.

“We all possess a luminous energy field that surrounds our physical bodies and informs our body in the same way that the energy field of a magnet organizes iron filings on a piece of glass. Our luminous energy field has existed since before the beginning of time. It was one with the unmanifest light of Creation. And will endure throughout infinity. It dwells outside time but manifests in time by creating physical bodies lifetime after lifetime. Imagine you are enveloped in translucent multicolored orb pulsing with blues greens, magentas and yellows enfolding you to the width of your extended arms. Just above your skin streams of golden light that shimmer and flow through acupuncture meridians. Between your skin and the membrane of the luminous energy field swirl resplendent currents that fuse into whirlpools of light. This reservoir of vital force is a sea of living energy. As indispensable to our health as the oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood stream. They are the energies of the luminous energy field. The purest and most precious fuel for life. When the vital reserves in the luminous energy field are depleted through illness, environmental pollutants, or stress, we suffer disease. We can insure our health and vitality and extend our active, healthy years by replenishing this essential fuel.

Indian and Tibetan mystics who documented the existence of the Luminous Energy field thousands of years ago described it as an aura or a halo around the physical body. At first it seemed odd to find the same concept of a human energy field among the jungle and mountain shamans in the Americas. Once I grasped the universality of the human energy field, however, I understood that every culture must have discovered it. In the East Mandalas depict the Buddha enveloped by blue and golf bands of fire, in the west, Christ and the Apostles are shown with luminous halos around them. In the mystical literature the apostle Thomas is said to have glowed with the same radiance as Christ. Native Americans legends speak of persons who shimmered in the night as if lit by an inner fire. The Andean story tellers recall the ruler, Pachakutek, considered a child of the sun who sparkled with the light of the dawn. Every living thing on earth is composed of light. Plants absorb light directly from the sun and turn it into life and animals eat green plants that feed on light so that light is the fundamental block of light. We are light bound into living matter. Every living thing around us is made of light, bound and packaged in different forms and vibrations. Physicists studying subatomic particles know that when you look deeply enough into the heart of matter, you find the entire universe is made of vibration and light. We are mistaken if we believe if we believe that the accounts of the life around the Buddha or Christ are merely myths and legends. Nor can we attribute these individual's radiance to some strange bio luminousness produced by the body, as if it were a kind of firefly effect. The Buddha taught us the way to enlightenment. He taught us to follow our light to attain liberation from suffering. A blinding radiance was said to appear over Christ as he was baptized in the Jordan River. When we believe that Christ may have glowed with the light of his love but that we certainly cannot, we negate Christ's teaching…”even greater than I have, ye shall do.” We commonly consider these references to the light as metaphors. We seek illumination as some form of higher understanding. My investigations have convinced me that the ancient references to the light are facts that can be verified through experience. When we understand our luminous nature, we can shun the trappings of the material world and experience infinity. First though, we need to understand the anatomy of the luminous energy field.

Rivers of light

The luminous Energy Field is shaped like a donut (known in geometry as a torus) with a narrow axis or tunnel less than a molecule thick in the center. In the Inca language it is known as the popo or luminous bubble.

Persons who have had near death experiences report traveling though this tunnel in their return voyage to the light. The human energy field is a mirror of the earth's magnetic field, which streams from the north pole and circumnavigates the planet to reenter through the south pole. Similarly, the flux lines or cekes of the luminous energy field travel out the top of the head and stream around the luminous body forming a great oval the width of our outstretched arms. Our energy fields penetrate the earth about 12 inches then reenter the body through the feet. Although the strengths of the earth's magnetic field drops off very rapidly, the farther it travels from the planet, it never actually reaches zero. It extends for hundreds of miles into space before diminishing in strength and travels at the speed of light to the edge of the universe. The human energy field appears to extend only a few feet beyond the body since like the magnetic field of the earth, it diminishes in strength very rapidly. Yet it also travels at the speed of life connecting us with the luminous matrix of the entire universe, known to the Inca as the texemuyo or all pervading web.

Along the surface of the planet run flux lines or cekes similar to acupuncture meridians, connecting the major charkas of the earth. The meridians of the earth transverse the globe, transporting energy and information from one part of the planet to another. Shamans claim they can communicate with each other through the luminous matrix formed by the flex lines of the earth. The medicine person is able to sense and sometimes see the luminous grid of the universe extending beyond the earth into the galaxies themselves.

Many people in our technological society are disconnected from the matrix of the universe. I often find that people who come to see me with the symptoms of chronic fatigue have totally disassociated from the natural world. They do not go for walks in the woods, plant tomatoes in their gardens or even stop to smell the flowers. This is not to say that walking in the forest will cure chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a complex medical condition. Yet people who suffer this condition require vital reconnection to the natural grid as part of their healing. As the flux lines run along the body of the earth, the acupuncture meridians run along the surface of the skin, connecting acupuncture points (which are in essence very small charkas) to each other. These energy meridians are analogous to the circulatory system inside the body. They are the arteries and veins of the luminous energy field. Medicine people of the Americas know the meridians as rios de luz, rivers of light, that flow within the luminous body. Legends say that 5000 years ago, the first practitioners of acupuncture were able to see the meridians webbing the surface of the body. Even today most of the renown acupuncturists of Japan are blind.

Their acclaimed skills are possible because they are not distracted by physical appearances. Able to follow the flow of chi with their fingers, they sense its rhythm and pulse along the acupuncture meridians. By sensing where the chi is blocked and where it is flowing vigorously, they are able to diagnose health or disease.”

Villoldo goes on to describe how a doctor used lipstick and drew lines along the rivers of light that he saw on his body and photographed these lines. He later compared the photographs on the charts with Chinese acupuncture meridians and found them to coincide exactly.

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