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We have enjoyed numerous raves and an overwhelming demand for the Amazonian food supplement BIRM. Now look what's next!

Dear International Friend,

Merri and I have been flooded with business and health opportunities while in Ecuador this year. One of our most gratifying discoveries has been Amazon BIRM (Bio Immune Response Modulator). We have heard so many stories ranging from miraculous cures to better sleep and more meaningful dreams from reader after reader who has tried BIRM. These stories tell how BIRM has helped have more energy, vitality and health.

There is a second BIRM related product, a skin cream which Merri and I have been trying with very gratifying results. But I have not wanted to write about this until I talked further with the formulator of BIRM, Dr. Edwin Cevallos. This has not been easy. Edwin is a mad scientist type and one of the most successful Oncologists in South America, so dedicated that his office is always jammed till late at night. When he is not healing he is speaking to other Doctors and scientists at conferences and seminars around the world about the special benefits of BIRM. Seeing him is further complicated because my Spanish is not sufficient to handle many of the medical and scientific terms he throws my way. Special meetings with translators are required.

Finally last night we had a chance to meet for over an hour. The Doctor is a perfect example of the benefits of his cream. Well beyond middle age, his hands are like a baby’s, his face smooth, without lines. This cream is called LIFEROOT BIRM and I asked him why it is so special.

The main benefit he explained is that LIFEROOT BIRM Cream is totally natural and uses an all natural process that lets the body reabsorb its own natural collagen to keep the skin elastic and smooth. This delays the aging process of skin tissue cells in a most unique way.

LIFEROOT BIRM is different because most creams operate on the principle of defoliation. Old skin is peeled, burned or scraped away in order for a new layer of skin to appear which looks more renewed, fresh and luxuriant.

These types of cream work, but there are drawbacks especially the high sensitivity of the new layer of skin to the sun. This is why these creams come with warnings to avoid sun exposure after every application.

However, LIFEROOT BIRM Cream can be used freely without worry of sun exposure within seconds of application. This is because this cream works at reducing the aging process of the existing skin cells, rather than scraping them away.

LIFEROOT intensely smooths and flattens face and forehead lines and crow's feet. It also avoids the thinning and wrinkling of the skin on the hands by helping the skin to reabsorb the sub-dermis collagen.

This process also impedes the formation of undesirable spots due to an abnormal accumulation of melanocytes plus increases the elasticity of youthful skin.

Another great benefit of LIFEROOT BIRM Cream is that it works well on the neck which is an area where defoliation creams and plastic surgery do not work well. In addition some friends have been using it to help sagging skin on their stomachs, a complaint some maturing men suffer.

The studies of Dr Alexander Lief explained that the amazing longevity achieved in the valley of Vilcabamba came in part because of the highly mineralized volcanic soil infused a life renewing balance of minerals in the plants, water and food. LIFEROOT BIRM Cream is composed of plant extracts from the Amazon and contains these same volcanic traces. Unlike most creams that are milky in color, LifeRoot BIRM Cream is rich brown and even smells like volcanic soil.

So this all natural product offers the promise of renewal from the wonderful volcanic energy of the Equator. A little goes a long ways and Merri and I both enjoy the smooth feel and tingle it gives when applied.

I highly recommend a try. At $75 for a one to two month supply it is also considerably less expensive than most active skin creams.

Until next message I hope you have smooth sailing in every way!