Reasons for Longevity

by | Feb 24, 2002 | Archives

A very interesting article shows five ways to lengthen your life.

Dear International Friend,

A recent USA Today article “Fabric of Long Life“, reviews the book, “The Okinawa Program” written by Craig and Bradley Wilcox. This article points out that Okinawans live longer and better than anyone else in the world (other than in a few remote valleys). Their life expectancy is 81.2 years compared with Japan's 79.9 years and the USA's 76.8 years. The article credits their long life to a diet rich in tofu, seaweed and fish, plus warm weather, low stress life and spirituality.

This theme of nutrition, exercise and purpose has shown itself to be true in nearly every science of life (Chinese, Indian, Andean, Amazonian, etc.) that Merri and I have studied and used in our global travels. This is why the upcoming Deep Amazon and Hacienda and Health courses focus on how to use these ancient wisdoms in modern day life – see Amazon Crossroads.

Until next message, good health and fun in life.