Will the U.S. Dollar Remain Strong

by | Feb 23, 2002 | Archives

Here is a view that the dollar will remain strong…at least for a while.

Two recent messages (see https://garyascott.com/investing/500/ and https://garyascott.com/market/507/) have shown reasons why the U.S. dollar may fall against what. A recent message from a knowledgeable reader suggests we might wait before betting everything on a weak greenback. Here is what he wrote.

“Dear Gary

I dug out my charts to look at the technical analysis of the USD (Dollarindex) and it does look like the bulls are still in command just now; though there is a possibility that the graphs may also be showing a triple top. Crucially, in technical terms, if the bulls manage to make a break and monthly close above 121.27 we’re likely to see the bullish tend in t