Going, Going, Gone

by | Feb 14, 2002 | Archives

I have been recommending Ecuadorian real estate as real bargain buys. The bargains may just about be gone. Learn what to do about this now.

Dear International Friend,

During our winter's stay in Ecuador we have been looking at land and property. If you have been reading my messages for some times you will know that great bargains have been available here, especially since the entire financial system shut down a couple of years ago.

Certainly the many, many readers who have purchased real estate here over the last couple of years have seen values dramatically rise.

Yet there are some bargains left. (several recent messages have outlined a few).

Yet I see prices rising everywhere and if you look at Rolf Stern's session at our latest course you will see that inflation is rising.

Because Ecuador has dollarized, the currency can no longer fall versus the U.S. dollar. This means that the inflation is in U.S. dollar terms. In the past times of inflation this also meant times of currency devaluation (versus the U.S. dollar). Inflation fighting money went into the U.S. dollar. Now that shifting to U.S. dollars does not fight inflation here, the trend is to invest into real estate instead.

Rolf Stern and I both agree that real estate prices are really set to rise in 2003. This is why you may want to sign up for International Living's upcoming real estate tour starting February 28, 2002. They have three tours, Quito (where I will join Rolf Stern at the introductory sessions), Cuenca and the coast.

Merri and I conducted many of these tours for I and know that this may be your last chance to get an overview of Ecuador property while bargains are still available. I know that the capable IL staff in Ecuador, Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins, have been busy searching out deals around the country so don't miss this opportunity if you can. You can get full details from Barbara Perriello at Agora Travel at tours@gate.net.

I hope to see you in Quito,