The Economic Power of Love

by | Feb 14, 2002 | Archives

Hummingbirds sing in the dew, kissing sweet hibiscus, honeysuckle and jasmine and dancing with joy. Entangled in love they embrace in a glorious waltz of life and become the vine as the flowers become the birds. This is the Valentine's message of wealth as well as love.

Harmony comes from love and vice versa in the universe's perfect demand for balance. Yet in the overstress of daily life, our busy world all too often forgets this fact. So to celebrate love on this special day, Merri and I arranged a day at La Mirage, one of the most exquisite spas in the world. After a relaxing meditation and yoga, we'll enjoy a glorious breakfast at sunrise in a glass house surrounded by sweet vines and hummingbirds. Later, we'll swim, then soak in a pool floating with rose petals before we have a massage and steam bath. We'll end this with a light, but healthy gourmet lunch. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the material aspects of a holiday and help balance ourselves from the stress of modern life.

But while enjoying this luxury there will be plenty of thinking and feeling about the spiritual aspects of this holiday, because love is the most powerful force in this universe. If we acknowledge and truly understand this, we can dramatically improve our lives.

Western society has overemphasized the material aspects of Christmas and has overstated the romantic element of love in Valentine's Day. This is not hard to understand, romance is fun. Yet love is a much deeper force, so powerful that perhaps it is the positive force upon which the universe is built.

My belief in the power of love is why “Turn your passion into profit” is the cornerstone of my investing philosophy. When we do what we love, we unlock an incredible positive power.

The 65th Octave is also built on this premise, this adventure novel's message being, “We are all one”. Most of the world's social problems come from forgetting this fact. When we return to this simple knowledge and treat every person with unconditional love, we not only balance our lives but automatically entangle ourselves in the roots of all investing and business success.

So next time you think about business or investing, feel what's in your heart as well as you head. Search for good for others that your investments or business will bring. This does not need to be romantic as it's just good business and will guarantee success in your endeavors. More importantly it will help assure that what you do will make the world a better place.

Merri and I send our hopes and wishes, that you do a lot of loving and that you are deeply loved on this very special day.