Relief From Stress

by | Feb 9, 2002 | Archives

Two recent articles in USA Today show one of our greatest health risks. Learn here how we learn and immerse ourselves in the solution.

One recent article showed that 67 of Americans made resolutions in the New Year to either spend more times with friends, put friends and family first, to lose weight or eat healthy. Yet the article also stated that only 16% felt they could actually stick to their resolution. The reason for most? Stress.

Another article two days later entitled Stress can Add Pounds enhanced this fact by saying, “We are under so much stress and we have very few outlets for that stress so we use food as a stress reliever.”

This is why our Hacienda and Health Course shows practical ways to reduce stress in a busy world. This is also why we hold this course at La Mirage Spa.

Ecuador is often touted as the least expensive places. There is another side. Ecuador is a place where you get the very, very best, yet at affordable an price. La Mirage is truly one of the most luxurious spas in the world and a comparable place in the US can easily cost $1,000 per night and more. Yet La Mirage (at our courses) is barely a tenth of this cost.

La Mirage is a Relais and Chateaux rated resort and is always wonderful as one would expect, but what surprises and excites me is that each time we visit the spa has improved. Each time we see a new enhancement in the garden, rooms, menu or some upgrading somewhere.

The rooms are already magnificent, one built for a queen (Queen Sofia of Spain stayed there), each a decorator's delight, stuffed with antiques, flowers everywhere, rose petals strewn on the pillows, a roaring eucalyptus fire in your room after dinner and hot water bottle at the bottom of the bed. There is comfort, taste, charm, space, every imaginable amenity and exquisite attention to detail.

The grounds are stunning from the ornamental garden to lush orchards and hummingbird feeders by a sun room where breakfast is enjoyed with an aviary full of feeding birds.

The outstanding lunch and dinner menu is perfectly served by smiling Otovalins dressed in their native costumes and the excellent wine cellar includes some rare Ecuadorians wines that are inexpensive but good.

This trip our group discovered that the improvements were in the spa. La Mirage has added a whole new series of treatments so wonderful I have listed them below.

Our goal is to share the information we have learned about health, longevity and vitality from around the world in a most relaxing way. This ranges from beginning the day with poolside yoga, to taking breaks for great gourmet (healthy) meals and using the spa treatments between learning sessions.

Since I was conducting the course, I just had time for one treatment and chose the longest, most expensive ($75) called Cleopatra's Bath. Here is how it is described in the spa's menu of services:

“Experience the rejuvenating Energy bath of milk, oil and essential aromatic fragrances during thirty minutes. Then you body is wrapped with perfumed sheets, covered with rose petals and a thermal blanket for another thirty minutes. The treatment concludes with a full body message in specially designed and decorated Egyptian chamber.

Sound good? The description does not come close to describing the relaxation and luxury in this treatment. The wonderful soft décor of the room, the soft sweet Andean music and the blazing fireplace all enhance the sweetness of the therapist that coddles you for two hours! There is a gentleness in the nature of the Ecuadorian people that just cannot be offered at any price up north.

You can get more information about a few of the spa treatments at La Mirage by clicking here.

But to enjoy them (rather than just know them), why not join us at our upcoming Hacienda and Health course March 18 to 21. I hope to shed stress with you there!