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Merri and I arrived in Ecuador planning to rest, but there have been so many miracles and such opportunities I hardly know where to begin.

As always our trips to Ecuador, start with plans of peace and quiet. Yet they always seem turn into a never ending chain of exciting and often incredible events. In the next several messages I'll share all the good that's going on!

Where to begin is the hard part. So much is happening? Let's start with some new real estate deals. Frankly I was worried that prices would be too high. I had been hearing from others that inflation has pushed costs up.

Maids, drivers, gardeners etc. used to cost $75, a month now they are a little over a $100. Food costs are higher but still maybe a fourth of US prices. And the variety and quality is still so much better. Colorful markets are piled high with vine ripe fresh fruits and vegetables. Fish is delivered directly from the sea and we get our milk and eggs right off the farm!

Real estate? I still see bargains. Last message described the incredible rental we have. Today let's look at why, as nice as it is, we may not stay there long because of a house for sale.

Merri and I stumbled across this and more without even looking even though we haven't been here a week!

The house is Hacienda San Miguel, originally the hacienda of the area, but now a 100 year old farm house on 12 acres. 4,500 wonderful square feet near the charming leather village of Cotacatchee. The asking price of $120,000. You can learn more about this hacienda by clicking here.

There are plenty of houses for much less running down into the $25,000 range. Here is a partial list of properties that our friend and real estate broker Margarita Parker shared at our recent International Business Made EZ course

Code     Details      City         Build.Size      Price

CD041 3 Bedrm. Hse. Sangolqui 754 Sq.Ft. $25,000

CD001 3 Bedrm. Apt. Quito 1,614 Sq.Ft. $50,000

CD039 1.5 Ac. Farm Pifo 1,076 Sq Ft. $55,000

CD010 3 Bedrm. Hse. Quito 1,937 Sq.Ft. $70,000

CD025 2.5 Ac. Rnch. New Airport 1,070 Sq. Ft. $110,000

You can find out about these and additional properties for sale from Margarita by clicking on her address mperezg@andinanet or attend our next International Business Made EZ course in Quito.

We'll be gone for four days in the Amazon, but we have messages lined up so they'll keep coming to you. We'll report back what we learn and see on our return. Until then, good opportunity hunting and success!