The White City

by | Feb 5, 2002 | Archives

We knew we were getting a good deal but had no idea at the bargain we had found.

Dear International Friend,

Upon arriving in Ecuador we drove out to our new home where we'll spend the winter (we thought-more on this tomorrow) in a hacienda just outside of Ibarra (White City). This town is the capital of Imbabura Province. We chose this area because it is drier and a bit lower in altitude than Quito (7500 feet versus 9200 feet). The drive here is always full of fascinating views, colorful locals, pinstriped buses, magnificent panoramas and an array of different construction. Ecuador is a continual, eclectic mix. This never ending diversity is one of Ecuador's great assets. While traveling I started a great book, “Ishmael“, by Daniel Quinn. The key theme in this book is that mankind's current model is destroying diversity, which threatens all life on earth. (We'll look more at this interesting theme and how it affects investing and business on February 9). If this theme is correct then diversity is one of Ecuador's real strengths. Perhaps it is not surprising to learn that Ecuador has more species per square mile that any other area in the world and the Amazon rainforest has seven percent of the globe's land surface but contains 50% of all the species.

But I get ahead of myself as this message is about the great values of living here. You can learn more about the incredible values for house renting in an earlier message.

We rented our house sight unseen taking the word of a friend and seeing pictures. The place is so much better than we expected you can get a better description by clicking here.

The walls of the house are covered in classic books (all hard cover) Shakespeare, Omar Khayyam, Homer, Epictetus, Emerson, Bacon, Steinbeck, Doyle, Twain, Sinclair Lewis, Balzac, Defoe, Bacon and on and on. I thought I might just read the winter away in the sun (you'll see next message why this is not to be when we share how we have already stumbled across a real estate bargain while just trying to relax)!

Until then sunny skies and warm weather (as we have here) to you!