Three Simple Longevity Secrets

by | Jan 27, 2002 | Archives

A note from a dentist shares insights on longevity!

Dear International Friend,

One great gift that comes with conducting courses and sharing what you write hearing questions that lead us to know more.

This happened when one reader (a dentist)sent the note below.

“Dear Gary, First I must tell you how very much I enjoy your website. It sounds tome that you two must have an almost idyllic life together; I am envious. I would just love to take one of your courses, but I'll be 80 next September and starting a business or moving out of this country seems pretty extreme to me at this point. I do appreciate you articles and insights on business and investing though.

One article that intrigued me was the story of the chance meeting of friends in the supermarket and the near recovery of the husband of one with BIRM which you evidently import. I hope I have that right. I am a maverick when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry and have been ever since about ten years into my practice and favor simple and natural remedies, so I would greatly appreciate any info you could give me on the substance. Many thanks,”

My reply crystallized me thinking on the three cornerstones of life that dramatically affect longevity and vitality. Here is what I replied:

Yes we do import BIRM (Bio Immune Response Modulator) from Ecuador. We have had many raves from readers who use it. They feel it gives them added energy, zest and a deeper quality in life, plus they tell us they have fewer colds and instances of flu etc. They claim to feel better and in some instances suggest that BIRM helped them heal serious (even life threatening) health imbalances.

Yet my observation is that food supplements provide just a third of what we need to live long and during that time be truly alive.

This is why Merri and I do enjoy our life in Ecuador (where we are for the winter now). Taking BIRM is one step, but living in active, idyllic situations is really important too. Don't let your age stop you from enjoying life or doing new things. Two of our good friends from South Carolina are in their 80s yet they bought a 400 acre farm down here. They spend most of their time raising dairy cows and tell me this process of being active and having regular exercise has knocked ten years off their lives! They look and act younger and their blood pressure has dropped dramatically.

There is a third cornerstone beyond good health though which is beyond even nutrition and exercise

Our 80 year old friends are taking BIRM and are living a physically active way they desire (farming in Ecuador) but more important they are leading a highly spiritual life that gives them enormous purpose.

These are the three cornerstones of good health, energy and vitality. Nutrition (BIRM is a food supplement), gentle regular physical activity and a deep purpose for being alive.

More about the importance of non religious spirituality for longevity tomorrow. Until then, good global business and investing!