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Use the Power of the Wild Horse

Use the Power of the Wild Horse

When you enter Merrily Farms, you see the wild horse that I have drawn at each entrance and over our covered bridge. Our logo comes from the spirit of the Wild Horse and was taken from the side a Comanche tipi One other reasons this logo was chosen was because of the sentiment inscribed on a statue designed by Robert Shields that was given to me.

May I share this sentiment with you?

The Wild Horse Spirit

Living in the Spirit realm, this horse appears as a flashing light in dreams. This dream traveler runs through your dreams seeking the most honorable and outrageous dreams to grant. Flying on the stream of wisdom, yet acting on whims, he seeks an untamed dreamer to fly with him.

My coffee mug here at the farm is inscribed with the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Go confidently into the direction of your dream”. This is why last message shared the book the Four Agreements which shares Toltec wisdom about the power of dreams. This mug is positioned so with each sip I take, I see the word “DREAM”. Powerful coffee!

Merri and I wish you untamed dreams and hope that in some way we are able to help you not only dream, but to join us as untamed dreamers that capture the spirit of the Wild Horse.

See you in Quito, the Amazon, here at the farm or somewhere wild and wonderful that is in your dreams!