How to Make the Resolutions Work!

by | Jan 2, 2002 | Archives

Imagine how life would be if we had kept every New Year's resolution.

Dear International Friend,

Yesterday we looked at a resolution to have miracles in 2002. Yesterday a big part of the world made a resolution and had a burst of inspiration and good intention that was good.

How many of these resolutions will be kept?

Resolutions are about breaking habits (or starting new ones) and habits are the threads that create our world. Habits constitute at least a third of all we are! Consequently they are strong! Robin MacAllen grapples with this problem in the “65th Octave“. He is eating breakfast at Shannon airport. Suddenly there is a bomb alert. His habit of always finishing his meal is so strong he tries to eat up rather than leave.

Habits have such power that he sticks to an inconsequential habit even at the risk of death. The book ponders this on page 162: “His deeply ingrained habits controlled him even during this bomb threat. Old words and ideas are just habits. His mind flashed; maybe that's why we stick so stubbornly to them. Maybe the whole darn world runs on habit!”

I have been interested in habits because this fictional scenario is based on a real event. I was having breakfast at Shannon airport many years ago and there was a bomb scare and I did try to finish my breakfast before leaving. Merri had to physically get me out of there.

Habits are so strong and hard to develop. Many habits we have were developed by others and many we don't even know we possess! So what can we do to keep our resolutions?

Recently I read an excellent book entitled the “Prayer of Jabez“. This is written by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson and though there is some religious dogma in the book that may not appeal to everyone, there are some good thoughts about how to use forces greater than we seemingly possess. The final chapter especially grabbed my attention and is the focus of this message. My thinking is that this book explained how to unlock powers (the scientists call this realm quantum mechanics) we all possess but rarely use. The last chapter outlines seven actual steps we can take to actually develop habit that unlock these powers. Here are these steps.

  1. Read or listen to something inspirational about the new habit you wish to acquire and focus your thinking on this habit every day. Actually think or say what you want the habit to be.
  2. Keep a record of this daily focus by marking it off in your calendar.
  3. Write out the thought that you are focusing on and tape it somewhere- your day timer, refrigerator, bathroom or bedroom mirror etc. to remind you daily.
  4. Reread the inspirational message at least once a week for the next month.
  5. Tell another person about the new habit and ask them to keep check on you.
  6. Keep a record of changes that come from the new habit.
  7. Keep a record of benefits this new habit brings to others. about expecting miracles and apply these seven steps. The habit can improve every aspect of your life, health, wealth, social, love, spiritual, you name it. The seven steps can manufacture this habit and create a powerful new force in your life.

At our January 25-27 and March 22-23 International Business Made EZ courses in Ecuador we look at how to apply these principles to the Business Evolutionary cycle. I hope to see you in Ecuador and until then, good investing and business!