How to have the Happiest New Year Ever

by | Jan 1, 2002 | Archives

This true story shows why 2002 can be your best year because of one thing that can happen at any minute.

Dear International Friend,

This true story must be shared today because it proves that whatever your circumstances, good or bad, they can get better. Events can so dramatically turn on a dime you'll know that something really good is meant and forces more powerful than we are will bring it directly to you!

This story unfolded in 2001 with three of our friends. A life was saved. First the friends. Jan and Vern are a couple we met a decade back… then we lost touch. We had not heard from them in years and did not know where they had moved or lived…although we often talked about them and wondered.. The other friend is John who goes way back, a time proven, trusted and loyal friend. Merri and I did not remember that some years ago John met Jan and Vern at one of our courses. But then John also lost touch with them.

All this took place after Merri and I have started our business importing the natural food supplement BIRM. Jan and Vernhad been set upon by extremely hard times. First they lost their fortune (made the hard way by seeing 50 patients a day) and were living in a trailer (which had cost $1,000). If that was not bad enough, Vern developed lung cancer. He had lost forty-eight pounds, had no appetite and was bed ridden, given only a short time to live. They had moved from the west down to Florida into the town where John lived. Jan goes grocery shopping. John too is in the same store . Their paths cross. Though it had been years since they met, they recognized each other! Upon hearing Vern's plight, John tells Jan about the Birm, which he had been using and gives her his bottle for Vern.

“This might help Vernon feel better,” he says.

Two days later we received an email, telling us about the meeting but more importantly saying that Vern, after just a day, is feeling better, sitting up eating for the first time in weeks. She began emailing us every few days reporting on Vern's progress as his health improved daily. Then some weeks later Vern called us to explain that he felt his time had come. He wanted to die, had given the last of his Birm to a friend and was checking into a hospice to die, he said. But he just wanted to thank us anyway. We were saddened, hating to lose a friend on this earth, but we sent our blessings hoping that his final days would be in peace.

Not long ago we heard from Vern, acting almost disgusted….but he really was not. He told us that the hospice had thrown him out as his health continued to improve daily! Now he is well enough to travel and he and Jan have moved back to her home town to start a new life together again! Vern is convinced that the Birm turned his body around enough so that even though he stopped taking it, his immune system was strong enough to recover.

This story is not about Birm and its immune enhancing capabilities. There may be any of a hundred reasons why Vern recovered. The story is about synchronicity and how when everything looked totally bleak, for Jan and Vern, synchronicity caused two people who had met to cross paths in a super market, remember each other and start a conversation that led to Merri and me and Birm. Some may call Vern's recovery a miracle. I don't quite agree. To me miracles are just normal things happening that we cannot understand. Our human logic and comprehension are incredible, but insufficient to know everything. This means that no matter what is happening in your life, even if you can see no way to make it better, it can get better all of a sudden, at any time and in a very big hurry.

This story molded my New Year's resolution for 2002. Here it is:

Take nothing for granted. Live every day expecting something so wild, wonderful and unexpected to happen that others will have to call it a miracle.

Merri and I thank you for your friendship in 2001. We will work hard to deserve you in 2002 and we send you our best wishes for “miracles” every day in your life this whole year through!