Boxing Day

by | Dec 26, 2001 | Archives

Here's an important point many investors miss.

In England the day after Christmas is also a public holiday called Boxing Day. This is a day to box up gifts and show them around. The British have it right for if Christmas is a day of giving, boxing day is the day to receive. Every day can only be a precious gift if we are able to receive.

Investors miss this point all too often. They enter investments with no exit plan. They invest without having any idea of the gains they expect.

This is not the way the universe works. Nature's infinite abundance is our birthright only when we are ready to receive it. Today why not take stock of what you are ready, willing and expecting to receive. Yesterday we celebrated giving. Complete the cycle today and raise your expectations. If you then start thinking about what you need to give to get what you expect, you'll be headed for a balanced and wonderful 2002!

I send my best wishes for riches, prosperity and abundance in the year ahead and hope you have good international business and investing.