A Holiday Gift

by | Dec 25, 2001 | Archives

How families from the Middle East and India gave us the greatest gift of all.

While in London last week, Merri and I took our daughters for afternoon tea at our favorite cafe in the central part of town. The Art Cafe was our favorite old haunt from years ago. We were sipping Indian tea with the kids, and a great gift was sent to us that I want to share with you.

London is a cosmopolitan place and seated there in that cafe next to us, an American Christian family drinking tea from India, was an Indian Hindu family eating Turkish delights from the Middle East and nearby a Moslem, Middle Eastern family eating American Häagen-Dazs ice cream. The circle came round as I observed those fathers and mothers and saw they were just like us, all adoring their kids, laughing, loving and enjoying giving their families a treat.

Christmas is all about giving and here were three families, different cultures and faiths, but all giving their families good things from other culture’s ways of life. We all had so much in common and yet seemingly so different and were enjoying so much from one another.

The overwhelming realization was all the things about these three families that were the same, the love between fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters and the desires for better lives, happiness, fulfillment and peace. This is what makes us human, but these desires so transcend the other petty differences we might have in our lives.

Seeing three families like this was such a rare gift because these times of turmoil often make us focus on differences in cultures and religions. Now it will be easier for me to remember how much we have in common and how alike we really are. These three families will remind me the year through that the three wise men who came bearing gifts on this special Christmas day wore turbans and robes.

Merri and I send you at this time of great celebration our best wishes for peace, goodwill to all men and to pass on the gift of knowing that we, all of mankind, really are one.

Merry Christmas!

Gary, Merri & David (our webmaster)