Two Vitality Secrets

by | Dec 21, 2001 | Archives

There are natural ways to improve stamina. The one below is even enjoyable!

A reader recently asked me about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) when he wrote. “Gary, I have ordered some BIRM, but also wanted your opinion on Human Growth hormone. For the past year I've been doing a bit of research on oral human growth hormone. Men our age (mid 50s) normally have HGH levels of between 45 and 180.My initial rate was 117. After the first two month trial of HGH my level wasraised to the 130 level. After another two months it was raised to the 150 level. At the150 level I noticed my weight was dropping and muscle tone was improved. Ialso noticed a higher sex drive, a drop in cholesterol levels, greaterenergy, better sleeping, greater vitality and lower blood pressure. I then wentoff the oral spray for a 4 month period after which most things returned to”normal”. I gained weight, became more tired, lost sex drive etc.etc.I then went back on the oral spray and 6 months later my HGH level is around180 with resultant improvement in all areas.

Since people say good and bad things about HGH I wonder what your medicalfriends have to say on the subject. The reason I ask is that since you are alwayswriting about the limited availability of BIRM something like Oral HGHmight do many of the same things plus you would have an unlimited supply.Since levels are easily tested with saliva specimens it easy to get oneselfto the higher normal levels and then continually monitor to avoid goingcrazy with your own level. From personal experience I believe in the stuffalthough I certainly can't determine what the long term physical effectscould be.I would be interested in knowing if you have looked into this.”

Here is my reply:

Dear Friend, I certainly am not qualified to comment on the merits of HGH, but did talk with several medical professionals who have a more holistic view of health than typical Western Doctors. There were two concerns expressed about something as powerful as HGH. The first is that the body in its wisdom stops producing its own growth hormone when HGH is added. It says. “Hey this growth hormone is coming from outside so I can divert my resources to producing other things.” The second concern was of balance. Our hormonal system is so incredibly intricate and complex it isvery difficult to understand all the consequences of any one action.Subtlety is important and flooding the body with HGH is not subtle.

Merri and I stick to natural food supplements to enhance our well being.The digestive process alters food and absorbs it in a way that is most likely to provide the form and balance that works best in the long term.BIRM is a natural food and up to two teaspoons a dayenhanced all the aspects of health you mentioned. Though I have no ideawhat my HGH level is, I experienced a dramatic increase in sex drive, adefinite weight loss though my appetite increased, enhanced muscle tone andafter a couple of days of tiredness, a greater vitality and stamina. On theother hand I must say that BIRM is not a good tasting food. The flavor isquite bitter.

An enjoyable way to enhance growth hormone (assuming you like coffee) is by drinking soy bean coffee. Merri and I first learned this trick many years ago from a nurse who was looking after Merri's mother. This nurse explained that in her country of birth (Trinidad) every person over the age of forty has a soy bean bush because soy has an element that is a precursor to HGH. So drinking Soy juice stimulates HGH production naturally. This was a delight for me, because I missed my coffee. In my youth I abused alcohol, tobacco and coffee. Giving up the booze and fags was a snap but not having coffee was like losing my best friend and soy coffee (the way we make it) is so similar to the deep French roast I like. Here is the whole process for making a great soy cappuccino! We order our organic soybeans over the net from Jaffe Brothers in California. Their email address is and their website soaks the beans overnight in a big five gallon pot, then boils themuntil they double in size. (Treat them no differently than any dried bean.) To conclude the process she roasts them on a flat pan in the oven until they are as dark as you desire. I like a reallyblackened French Roast, but suspect that the extra roasting reduces thenutritional quality so I use a blend of dark (for flavor)and lightlyroasted (for nutrition) beans.

From the oven I treat the beans exactly as I would coffee beans, storingthem in the freezer until I am ready to get out the coffee grinder andcappuccino machine to whip up a brew. I try to have one or two cups ofthis a day. This is not a discipline that is hard to bear either. Icannot tell the difference between my soycchinos and a cappuccino.Until next message, good business, investing and health!

We'll look at these and many other health secrets on our upcoming health tour in Ecuador January 21 to 25.