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Everyday over 100 is a Gift! Learn how to get it for Christmas!

A midnight breeze kisses hemlock and pine in the deep embrace of an ambermoon. Dark clouds race and churn this lunar cream into mottled flashes ofnight. Night sounds are softened on pine carpet. The cemetery is justahead. Standing in a cemetery deep in the woods near midnight does not seemlike a really normal thing to do, but who can sleep on a full moon? Besidesmy mind was racing to create this message.

Mountain cemeteries are dotted everywhere along the Blue Ridge. They are apart and parcel of life and the local folks still bury their loved ones athome in the family plot.

This burial ground where the thin flashlight beam shone is surrounded byour farm. Actually when we bought the land we asked that it be deeded tothe heirs. They hardly visit and we keep the place up, but that's okay. Thecemetery land is theirs and we are just guests. Still this is a great placeto sit against a pine and ponder about those who lie here. They have amessage to tell with their headstones. Their story is about what life waslike back then. Arthur is there. He passed at age 91 and his wife Maude, aged95. Two more of the same family name, but an era earlier, were aged 86 and100 at death. Plus the oldest headstone that can still be read says “Idadied at 115”.

Then there are the kids, the young ones, four years old and several youngmen who didn't make it out of their twenties. One died around the time ofKorea's conflict, the other Vietnam. Each had a story to whisper quietly inthat midnight wind.

Each tale was told but the moral from all was clear. “Life in those timeswas tough, but good. If you made it out of childhood, got past the rigorsof war and inexperience of youth, a long life usually lay ahead. Quadruplebypasses, pace makers, chemo, radiation and all the modern drugs were notneeded for these long lives. Not up here in these mountains where theylabored, breathed clean air, drank pure water and ate fresh food. Thesewere hardy mountain people who worked hard, had little and with it made themost. Life was simple and they kept it that way. Longevity was their reward.Sitting there, listening to these stories they tied perfectly into somespecial secrets about longevity from Ecuador. Why are people so long livedstill today in the Andes and why not here in the Western world? With bettermedicines, more access to doctors and such fine hospitals, why don'twesterners live so long? What has changed?

Having just finished reading a wonderful website entitled “Interview withGod” passed to me by Merri, at , oneanswer became obvious.

Visit this site, but if not, here is one of the phrases it offers, “Why isit that people lose their health to make money and then lose their money torestore their health?”

Good question?

So many of us work so hard to build financial security then lose it throughlingering illness or even worse death, heart attacks – stress, diabetes -bad diet, cancer – over-aggression. The list goes on and on. Even more liveand keep some wealth but can't enjoy it, suffering from pain, inability towalk, think clearly and so forth.

Does this lifestyle make sense?

The answer to this question and one other event caused Merri and me to sellout, pack up, leave the stressful city and move here to our secluded BlueRidge farm and Andean plantation.

That other event is called “Chernobyl”. Merri and I happened to be near forthe meltdown and we remained in Europe through a time when there was suchheavy radioactive fallout that the entire lamb production was slaughteredon the small isle where we had lived. Only through good fortune (the USdoctor we visited happened to be treating other radiation patients) did wefigure out why we were feeling so poorly.

As with so many misfortunes, that setback turned out to be one of the bestthings that ever happened to us because it set us on the path to learningabout longevity.

As promised above, there are three secrets in this message about longevity.These come from untold hours shared with clients and friends who are expertin all types of healing. These secrets come from years of experience withdisciplines like acupuncture (when I first lived in Hong Kong) when theywere still considered witchcraft in the Western world and visits to sacredvalleys where the residents are attributed (by National Geographic) to livemuch longer (up to 130 years) than in the West. These secrets are thedistillates gleaned from months spent with healers from Indian and Andeanmedicine men who specialize in longevity and rejuvenation and from acontinuing research about people who are active and aged over 100.

I share these as a layman, but also one who has watched his weight meltfrom 220 to 145 pounds. They are shared by a 55 year old male with a pulseof 99 over 60 something and a resting heartbeat in the low 60s whose energyis always high, stamina incredible. These secrets have kept me from having tovisit an M.D. for illness in decades.

The secrets are not shared just to help you from getting sick either. Theyare to help you have more stamina, vitality, energy, endurance as well aslongevity so you can make, keep and enjoy more wealth!

Secret #1 is not a secret at all, but a simple reality that almosteveryone ignores. Restrict your diet. Cut down your caloric intake. This isthe only factor that I have studied that has been scientifically supported.Plus the residents in the three valleys where National Geographicdocumented extra longevity had caloric intakes ranging from 1,200 to 1,800calorie a day. For example in Vilcabamba (the valley where Merri and Istayed) over one person per thousand lived to be 100. In the U.S. thefigure is one per 33,000! The average caloric intake in this valley isabout 1,200 calories a day.

Secret #2 is to have more than a routine. Create ritual! Those who liveextra ordinarily long lives seem to share this common trait. Whatever theydo they do in moderation, in a very similar way and with great gusto. Forexample, if they drink an ounce of whisky every day, at six o clock, theydo not do this at five some days and eight others. They do not have a halfounce one day and two another. They tend to have one ounce at six p.m.every day. This instils discipline, keeps life simple (very important) andallows the body to get used to doing whatever it is it has to do. TakeChris Mortensen one of the oldest documented men in the 1990s who at 113said of his weekly cigar, “If you take my weekly cigar away from I am goingto die”. The anticipation and ritual of whatever pleasure he receives fromthis is far more life giving than the stress. The world's oldest documentedwoman in the 1990s, Jeanne Clement, at age 122 drank cognac and ate a poundof chocolate a week (but never two).

Secret #3 is to remain independent, challenged, active and needed. One ofthe most important features that was found in every valley where peoplelive long lives was that old age was revered. Often people at age 100, even110 are still active and working! Max Zimmer of Los Angeles came to the USfrom Austria in 1911 with only a two dollar bill. At age 103 he still hadthe same two-dollar bill and had built and still ran a multimillion-dollarbusiness. One MD who specializes in anti aging points out that mostcentenarians seldom spend much time with doctors. When they finally getsick, they die quickly and with little expense. They depend on themselvesto remain healthy not others. Having a good savings and investment plan forold age is also an important factor to remaining independent.

Are any of these factors in your routine and plans?

Most of us answer no. This is why Merri and I moved to our farm here andhave worked at instilling these simple formulas (and many others) into ourlives. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

There is such an important connection between good health, longevity andwealth that Merri and I incorporate a longevity session into every coursewe conduct at the farm.

Our next course in Ecuador is special because it is designed to help eachdelegate attain independence so we begin with a tour on health. These tours have changed lives in more thanjust monetary ways! Here is what a few delegates have shared about theirexperience.

“For years and years I have searched for truly like- minded peopleto play withand work with… people who are deeply and honestly SPIRITUAL.”J.M. Texas

“People who, among other things, are active and productive andcreative andresourceful, whose word can be counted upon; People who realize thatspirituality DOES NOT mean sitting in a cave contemplating yournavel andweaving baskets, nor does it equate in the Western culture withliving in abjectpoverty. People who realize that abundance is not a dirty word.People whounderstand that we are here to ENGAGE life, not to submit tocircumstances outof fear and ignorance and apathy; People who don't just use themost currentbuzz words so they can feel like they are part of the group, butwho actuallyDO something… Builders. Thank you for showing up in my life.”E.W. Nevada

“The life path altering effects from the weekend with you andMerri continue.Thank you again. I have begun to change my diet. Bless you! “D.B. Connecticut

“You are indeed a spiritual pioneer, blending disciplines tocreate tools andresources for success in this new land of opportunity. Anyone whothinks this isjust all about money is missing the real message: This is aboutlife in its mostprofound implications.”W.P. Australia

“I want to thank you for the wonderful time at the farm. Itravelled fromCalifornia to North Carolina to hear you convey your knowledge inthe way you doso well, and I wasn't disappointed. The amount of information inthe sessionswas almost overwhelming, but it's exactly what I went to hear.When I try toengage intelligent, educated people on these subjects here athome, I usuallyget a blank look or “That's interesting, but why are you thinkingabout that?”The setting at the farm felt like we were all sitting in the denafter dinnerdiscussing things among friends. The relaxed atmosphere seemed toencouragepeople to participate, asking pointed questions and relating personalexperiences. The international flavor and attitude of the groupwas verystimulating, particularly when we split up into discussion groups.Those groups,taking walks together, eating healthy food outside in the freshair, allowed usto get to know each other on a personal level. And as if thatwasn't enough,crystal spring water, brisk clean air, the great blue heron flyingover themeadow, all were in a setting of hills covered by forests withFall colors. Justthe drive from the airport was like a travelogue you'd see on TV.Anyway, whatI'm trying to say is, that's the most fun I've had for four daysstraight in along time! Thanks again.”B.R. California

“A special warm 'thank you' to Merri for the wonderful cooking andthe 'feel athome atmosphere!' I like to give a few comments about the pastweekend.. It wasrelaxing, inspiring, informative and a spiritually balancedatmosphere with allthese different, same thinking, like people. The technicalinformation Igathered was most not new to me, but I like to compliment you forputting it allin the right perspective and to make it very understandable toall. What was atour opinion one of the most important gaining of these 3 days isthe opening ofthe new world, this new circle of what you call “normal” people! (I call us'not normal' as a matter of respect to the majority. ) But as weknow, all isrelative and depends at the point of view of each, His spiritualmind and hisopinion about the senses of our being.”E.V. Florida

We will share eleven longevity secrets at this upcoming Hacienda andHealth tour January 21 through 24 and hope you will be with us. Plus wewill conduct a special workshop on the uses of BIRMHowever if you cannot attend, here are some more longevity resources youcan use.

Dr. Jay Glaser, and Dr. Joe Spano, shamanspano@usa.netare both experts on longevity who helped Merri and me conduct our lastHealth, Haciendas and Hot springs course in Ecuador. Dr. Julian Whitaker, writes an excellent newsletter on health andlongevity.

Health Science Institute. This health newsletter has a nationwide networkof MDs. Though they do not have a web site can be contacted at1-800-851-7100. Merri and I hope to share our sanctuary, the secrets wehave gained about having greater heath and wealth at these upcomingcourses. Until then, good and healthy international business and investing!Gary

PS I invite you to also join our International Business Made EZ courseafter the Hacienda and Health tour.