One of the most powerful documents in the world

by | Dec 10, 2001 | Archives

Dear Friend,

Did you know that one in every six Americans may be instantly eligible for one of the most powerful documents in the world?

(And even if you live outside of the United States, you too may be eligible to receive this document.)

This document can make your travels easier…allow you to live or work in many nations across the world…possibly reduce your taxes…enable you to bank and invest more freely with fewer restrictions…give you greater security, privacy and asset protection…and literally open a whole world of options most people can only dream about.

The problem is, most people don’t understand what these documents mean…or how relatively easy they are to obtain.

I’m talking about a second passport from a foreign country.

If you can spare a few minutes of your time, I’d like to quickly show you; 1) the easiest and cheapest way to get a second passport; 2) the best ones you can get, and; 3) some of the great things a second passport can do for you.

You know, years ago, many people used to think second passports were for tax-avoiders, outlaws, and people on the run.

For the record, a second passport is completely legal. And I’ve realized as the Executive Director of the Sovereign Society that many of my colleagues and closest friends already hold these powerful documents. In fact, my husband and I have started the simple paperwork on our own second passports. We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to do. I suspect you’ll feel the same way…especially when you see how many passport and residency permits you are already eligible for…though you may not know it.

For me, avoiding the long immigration lines at the airport is reason enough to hold a passport from another country. But that’s only the beginning. A second passport will…

** Let you travel more freely…and cut out a lot of red tape and governmental meddling. Some countries, as you probably know, will not permit entry to travellers whose passports have been stamped by “unfavorable” countries. For example, many Arab countries will not allow entry by visitors who have visited Israel. And many Americans would hesitate to show a U.S. passport while travelling in the Middle East right now.

** Enable you to establish more easily private offshore bank accounts and make overseas investments that aren’t generally available to U.S. citizens. Many banks and investment firms in foreign countries simply wont deal with American customers because of onerous U.S. government reporting restrictions and red tape.

** Give you peace of mind. This is a scary time. And as much as I love my country, I like the idea that no matter what happens here, my family will always have a secondary place to go where we’ll be safe…and welcome.

** Help you reduce or defer your taxes. Of course, a second passport does not automatically cut your taxes. There’s more to it. Establishing citizenship in a tax-free haven, for example, is one step you can take. To do this you’ll first need a second passport. For me, it’s nice to keep these options open, especially when I get ready to retire.

This is why the Sovereign Society’s own Bob Bauman, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and international legal expert, along with the staff of the Sovereign Society, and other legal experts, have diligently worked to create the world’s best resource on second passports, called: The Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship and Second Passports.

You see, the thing to realize about a second passport is that there’s no such thing as “one-size fits all.” Which country makes the most sense for you depends on your situation…where you might want to spend time out of your home country…how much money you have in the bank…where your ancestors are from…your religion…whether or not you own a business…and several other factors.

This guide gives you the complete details on almost every passport, citizenship, and residency program currently operating in the world today. Including…

** How to live in Britain and enjoy all the benefits of British citizens while owing very little in British taxes.

** The secrets of retiring tax-free in Italy.

** The easiest ways to qualify for an ancestral passport. Many governments around the world offer second passports to blood relatives of current or former citizens. If you’ve got Irish, German, or British relatives, for example, you may qualify for a European Union passport that enables you to travel and work freely in every EU country. Those with Mexican or Israeli ancestors also may be eligible for second passports from those nations.

** How to qualify for tax-free residence in Austria. We reveal the details of Austria's unpublicized residency program…and tell you the simple requirements you need to obtain residency and a passport in this beautiful country.

** An island in the Mediterranean where you can qualify for residence by merely proving as little as $600 in monthly income. What’s more, the cost of living here is so inexpensive, that’s all you’d need to live here quite comfortably.

** An inexpensive residency program in the Caribbean. This little-known residency program costs half the price of the popular Economic Citizenship programs in Nevis and Dominica, but is every bit as good.

We’ll also show you the often over-hyped and over-priced second passport programs you should avoid and expose the ones that are outright frauds.

The truth is, thousands of smart, sophisticated people are already taking advantage of the benefits a second passport offers. All you need do the same is this life-changing manual.

Plus, The Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship and Second Passports will give you substantial discounts on nearly every residency and citizenship program currently operating in the world today, through a special arrangement we’ve negotiated with our associates, one of the world’s leading citizenship and immigration firm.

Getting a second passport is probably a lot cheaper and easier than you think. You only need the right information. And frankly, I can’t imagine why every smart citizen of the world wouldn’t have one…just in case. Especially when there are so many easy, inexpensive ways to do it. Sovereign Society Chairman John Pugsley has put together a special report outlining all the details. Simply follow this link.


Erika Nolan,

Executive Director

The Sovereign Society