Sunshine Update

by | Dec 9, 2001 | Archives

Gain a view of Ecuador from Cuenca here.

Dear International Friend,

Several weeks ago I sent a series of questions to Ecuadorians from all walks of life so we can see their opinions on how Ecuador is recovering. Here are answers from Eduardo Quito a tour guide and real estate agent who lives and operates from Cuenca. We have found Eduardo to be one of the most reliable sources of information in the country.

“Dear Gary and Merri;

Regarding the tourism business, our customers from North America have fallen up to 70% but we are receiving more customers from Europe. We hope Americans will come to Ecuador again. We are receiving many email inquires about the different aspects of our lovely Ecuador, but unfortunately not business yet.,

The Economic speakers in TV are very concerned about what is going to happen with the Argentinean Economy; Mr. Cavallo was the Argentinean who lead Ecuador to dollarization with good results. Apparently, Argentina is walking in the same path.

They say that if they do not take actions fast enough, it could lead to a huge economical disaster for the whole Latin American countries.

Lately the economy in Ecuador is going up, millions of dollars had arrived into the country in order to build the new oil pipeline. Several companies and thousands of workers will benefit from this project, the only concern is that they promised it will be built in an ecologic way which is doubtful.In other aspects, Manta has become the new growing area: Insurance companies, car dealers, Engine parts, Shops are opening branches in Manta and I hope one day that my firm Ecuaturis will open a branch as well. The Manta American Base, and the brand new airport are calling people to invest there.

Regarding the Real State, it is not going down and prices are very stable. Right after the 9/11, many Ecuadorians who lived in America were ready to come back and invest in Ecuador, therefore, the prices went up. We had an avalanche of Ecuadorian expatriates for a few days who were interested in purchasing haciendas, homes, and properties. Now it looks like they are ready to go back to America.

As for our relations with Peru, we could say that we are still in a honeymoon. The business trade and tourism between the two nations is growing more and more. We just had in Cuenca a big Tourism Trade Mart. Finally, we are able to work in Perú without restrictions. Some of our Peruvian customers had fallen in love with Ecuador at first sight. We have noticed that in Cuenca University this year the number of Peruvian students has increased a lot.

Last week I had the opportunity to lead a group of clients from Germany; and they were surprised with the kindness and love the Ecuadorians had treated them. They told me that in Europe the news about the Talibans are scaring everyone to travel around the world , and what a nice surprise to see how these people in Ecuador love all the gringuitos.

Due to our location in the Equator Line, Ecuador is considered to be the country with the most high biodiversity in the World. We have more than 20,000 vascular plants per square kilometer, we have 3,500 different species of orchids, 6,000 different varieties of ferns, 1500 species of birds, 400 species of frogs, and 18 political parties. As you can see how biodiverse this country is .

President Noboa is counting the days to end up his period; it looks like he has no chance to be elected again. The new elections are already on the track. New political parties are already ready to get in power. All the Municipalities around the country are standing with the campaign not to dirty the walls with the political propaganda.

Once again I thank you for letting us stay at your lovely hacienda in North Carolina. Even though 2 months have already passed, I still remember the purity and the freshness of the clean water in your sacred spring, but more than that, we will never forget your love and kindness. Thank you Merri and Gary. Con mucho amor, Eduardo Quito “

Merri and I continue to focus a great deal of our effort on this deserving country. Ecuador not only offers great opportunity, but a great place to live in the winter at rates you cannot believe. For example our home in Ibarra in a 65 acre hacienda (the White City) for this winter (see below) costs only $750 per month including swimming pool, tennis court cook, maid, gardener, chauffeur and four wheel drive jeep available 7 days a week -24 hours a day.

This is the nearest source of 365 days a year direct sunlight and due to the turmoil in Latin America (Ecuador's economy is the fasted growing in Latin America-yet you can still find houses on the coast-with a car included-for as low as $25,000 – see plus unlimited opportunity abounds. Why not join us at one of our courses in January, February and March or better come and spend the entire winter with us in the sun!

We hope to see you here.