A Valuable Introduction

by | Dec 7, 2001 | Archives

May I introduce you to a mystical city, the rare and mysterious Amazonian Pink Dolphin, a legend and much, much more!

They are in the Amazon and the tributaries leading to the Amazon. These Amazonians are a unique species, Inia Geoffrensis. I spoke to our ground crew in Ecuador, Ecuador Amazing, whom we have known well for 8 years. They said that yes, La Selva Rica (our eco-camp in the Amazon), has the mystical pink dolphins. The only time they have to leave is if there is a low rainfall and the waters become dangerously low…so perhaps these special unique creatures will be there when you visit!

If so we'll swim with them and the Manatees. Would you like to come along?

These pink dolphins are considered by scientists to be the most intelligent, sensitive and friendly of all dolphins…they are of course living only in fresh waters. It is believed that they date from 5 to 15 million years. They have adapted themselves to fresh water and hunting in these waters and they consequently look very “primitive”. They have lived in harmony with the people of the Amazon for centuries. There is no natural predator for them…other than pollution and the ravaging of the rain forests.

This is why we are sponsoring the last of the Siona-Secoya (only 43 left) in this camp to expand their current facilities to help allow them a sustainable life in tune with nature.

This ancient lineage of dolphins is far older than its seafaring cousins and they have humps on their backs instead of dorsal fins. Another unique characteristic of the pink dolphin (other than its color) is that they have unfused vertebrae in the neck which allows them to have a 180 degree turn to their heads.

The people of the Amazons hold them in awe citing them as semi-divine wizards. They are said to come to the banks of the Amazon at night and take on human form to mate and then retreat to “Encante”, their mystical underwater city with enchanted castles. I doubt that we'll find any lost civilizations underworld or see anyone making love to a dolphin, yet we never know what we'll find when we enter such a mysterious place. And adventures in La Selva Rica, part of the exquisite life of the mystical pink dolphin or not, we'll have for sure.

Let me draw your special attention to The Siona-Secoya Community.

The Siona are friendly natives of the Amazon. They number just forty-three, that's all that's left of an entire culture. And the oil companies are moving in, destroying their habitat, polluting their water. This makes their survival hard. Our partner, a well know travel guide in Ecuador was seen in a dream by the village shaman who asked him for help. He came to us. Darn it! We cannot let them all die and decided to help. We started building a eco-lodge, not the Ritz, but very clean, natural, comfortable, right in the jungle . Now the lodge is ready and the eco-tours we present can make the life of the Siona sustainable.

Our eco-tours give the Siona a way to exist and look at what it does for you. You experience the real jungle, paddle the Amazon tributary in a canoe to the lodge. Swim with the pink dolphins, fish for piranha, hunt wild boar with a blow gun (for the hardier souls). Take jungle walks, see unbelievable stars (we have plotted all the stars as they move through the totally clear night skies) and see more birds than anywhere else in the world. Watch unimaginable sunsets. Catch Caimans (alligators). Embrace more wildlife than you might see in a lifetime elsewhere, join the natives in their arts and crafts, eat manioc and share with the shamans in healing rituals unbeknownst to the rest of the world. Live an adventure that, if we don't help, will soon be gone. This expedition is not to be missed. Part of all profits goes to the tribe's new (currently one room) school and your extraordinary visit makes you involved.

I hope you will join Merri and me in the jungle! For more information go to https://www.garyascott.com/ecuador/499/