Why Ecuador?

by | Dec 4, 2001 | Archives

May I draw your attention to another way we can serve you?

Dear International Friend,

How to serve you better? This is a never ending question we ask again and again as we strive at garyascott.com to give you useful, easy-to-use credible information that we hope makes your life better.

We have divided this information into seven categories:

The first category (shared with you yesterday at https://www.garyascott.com/website/436/) is international investing and how to invest better.

The second category is Ecuador. We conduct numerous courses and tours in Ecuador on investing, business (see https://www.garyascott.com/courses/ and health.

There is more about the tours in a moment but let's answer the question why Ecuador?

Ecuador is a tiny, but enormously rich South American nation. This is the closest source to North America (just a 3 hour and 45 minute flight) of 12 hours of direct equatorial sunlight a day, (365 days a year).

Merri and I visited Ecuador on an investment fact finding trip over seven years ago and fell in love…with the people. the scenery and diversity. Plus we saw we could do some good in the world there and found incredible opportunity we could share with you.

This mountain nation has a rich Pacific coast on the west and one of the most incredible diversities in the world. Ecuador sits on the equator but is coastal and mountainous so it has the same bio-diversity as all the territory ranging from Ecuador to the Arctic Circle.

The country is a tourist delight offering sights, sounds and goods at prices so low it is hard to believe. As an emerging economy, the place is ripe with business potential, especially now that it has been through its worst depression in history. Yet the nation has some incredibly skilled labor that works for as little as 75 cents an hour. Everyone in Ecuador wants things from America and Europe. Ecuador offers products and services at rock bottom prices. In short Ecuador is an incredible bargain basement business opportunity now.

We have developed people on the spot to help you be independent and have more income and security as you enjoy overseas travel.

Cash in On Contrasts and Distortions.

Merri and I have been blessed because our continual globe trotting has helped us spot distortions. We saw a big distortion in Ecuador. A house on the beach where we lived in Florida cost millions of dollars. In Ecuador a similar home was as low as $50,000! Ecuador has a workable infrastructure so most of us can get most of the things we want in life, yet labor is so low that we can afford luxuries no longer available in the western world, such as maids, gardeners and cooks, chauffeurs, hand crafted homes and luxury items that require lots of personal attention.

Here are who we have found gain most in Ecuador:

  • Those who want to start their own international business.
  • Those who want a beautiful, but low cost full or part time home in the sun.
  • Those looking for an affordable winter residence.
  • Those looking for an enjoyable and luxurious but low cost holiday.
  • Nature lovers.
  • Bird watchers. Astronomers.

Ecuador has it all. You can learn more about our upcoming International Business Made EZ course and about our upcoming luxury health spa tour. Your next message shares how to gain better health, vitality and longevity through lessons we have gained in Ecuador.

Until then, good global business and investing!