Christmas Shopping Made EZ

by | Dec 2, 2001 | Archives

Amber moonlight filtered through the naked forest like rich cream. We rolled down through the hills and twists of Highway 58, cutting into the heart of Jefferson National Forest. In each hollow the November full moon turned stark, winter forest scenery into scenes of exquisite beauty. Thick vellum light spilled between the barren trees and empty bush, painting patina-like spikes of softness that lay like fussy blankets of warmth amidst the night's cold, hard lines. Amidst this beauty I pondered a problem we all face at this time of year.

Merri and I had driven over to Abingdon, Virginia to take care of some Christmas shopping. With five kids, lots of neighbors, our many friends and helpers here, this can become quite a chore. This is also complicated by the weekend of the and decorate, plus string up the house lights and such. We make this Christmas decoration a family weekend party. This has been our tradition for twenty years, wonderful, but ever so hectic.

This year it will not happen. For a variety of reasons (all joyful) the kids won't be here, so Merri and I have been on the road going to them, Portland last week, London next and we'll spend Christmas in the Florida sun with our daughter and her husband. This change of pace means we have this Christmas decoration weekend FREE.

Pondering what to do, Merri and I decided to have an unusual Christmas wrapping party that may make your life easier and help some who are less fortunate than we are during this holiday season. As you probably know this last January, my first novel, The 65th Octave was released. This tale is an adventure with strong lessons about economics and wealth. I wrote it as a fun way to learn and have received many, many raves (see below) from readers.

To make your Christmas shopping EZ, this upcoming weekend December 8 and 9, I will autograph and Christmas wrap each book you order and send it for you. As well we'll enclose a Christmas showing the recipient's name (to) and yours (from). These will not be cold, computer generated forms either. I'll lovingly sign each book and card in pen by hand for you.

All I need from you is your name and credit card, plus the name you wish me to put on the autograph of the book and the names you want on the Christmas card, plus of course the name and address where you wish the book mailed. There is no charge for the wrapping and your card will only be charged $17.95 per book, plus actual postage costs.

How does this help the needy? These are times when we can see more than ever the importance of helping those who have less than we do, so Merri and I will donate 10% of all sales from this offer to the local food program that distributes food to the poor.

I can only offer this on orders received by 5pm Sunday December 9, 2001 as we are headed to London the day after. All the personally autographed books with Christmas cards will be in the mail on December 10th and we will acknowledge to you by email that this has been sent so you can strike the gifts off your to do list!

Christmas can be one of the most wonderful times of the year, but if you are like me, sometimes you find this season filled with stress having so much to do. Merri and I hope that our weekend gift wrapping party can help make your Christmas better in every way.

To hasten this process just send me the information by email to or fax it to 336-384-1577.

Until next message I hope you find every hour full of holiday cheer!