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by | Nov 28, 2001 | Archives

Here are further answers to the questions you have asked me about Ecuador.

We have been reviewing replies to the questions below from my many contacts in Ecuador. This reply is from a real estate broker who comes from a prominent business family on the Pacific coast. He lived a year in Seattle so also has a good sense of what Westerners want.

The questions you asked began: With the events of 9-11, everythingeverywhere has been shook up to somedegree. I think it would be of interest for some words on how Ecuador is faring.

	Q: Is tourism down? At this moment	A: Yes		Q: Any effect on real estate prices yet?	A: There is a tendency of going up, but there are still great 	deals if you look very hard			Q:Are the exports holding up?	A: No		Q: Any new laws we need to be aware of as strangers in a strange land?	A: There is no changes everything is still the same			Q: Have attitudes towards Americans changed?	A: No.North Americans are very welcome in this country		Q: Are the new airport and pipeline initiatives still on track, or have	they been delayed?	A: Yes it's still on the track the pipeline and the work should start early 	next year and will bring various opportunity for many business and the 	airport of Manta has been completed by the U.S military which have sign an 	agreement with the government of Ecuador for  10 years of use.		A: Is the inflation rate still continuing to go down?	Q: Yes			Q:Is the new president still able to get any reform measures in place/ 	Does he still have a chance to win the election next year?	A: He will not be ruining for President next year and any reforms can 	be	taken care while he's the President		Q: Is the war with Peru really over?...	A: Yes

Our friend ended by saying, “I can say that Ecuador has enormous potentialin all the fields of business, it just needs to be worked. What foreign investors don't really know is that with a few thousand of dollars they can start any business that in some other country of the world or in the United States it will cost millions and as I said here it will just be thousands of dollar only.

This message came from Jorge Loor who will speak at our upcoming courses in Ecuador. We hope to see you there!