An Amazing Amazonian Story

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Here is how this incredible supplement all began.

Dear International Friend,

Since receiving the message on the origins of Amazon BIRM, (Biological Immune Response Modulator) (see also many have been asking about its origins and its creator. While in Ecuador, we had more time to discuss the creation. We sat in the luxurious conference room of the Hotel Quito one afternoon and recorded these notes.

The roots of BIRM began when Dr. Edwin Cevallos an Ecuadorian M.D. moved to Mexico in 1973 to specialize in oncology and radiology. He was very surprised to learn that 60% of all the medicines used to treat cancer were originally from plants. The active ingredients were used exclusively in the beginning but were later produced synthetically to meet the demand for the treatments required and to allow drug companies to patent what nature gave away free.

In 1976, he returned to Ecuador realizing that Ecuador possessed some of the greatest biodiversity per square kilometer in the world. He saw that there was vast information concerning medicinal plants developed and used by Ecuador's ancient ancestors and still used by shamans and curanderos.

He gave the example of quinina, which is quinine. This familiar product has been used in the treatment and cure of malaria throughout the world. He explained to us that discoveries of many antibiotics from plants are still being made in the Amazon. Because of this and his great interest in finding new cures, he dedicated his career to the study of plants from the Amazon region.

During his research, he observed that his patients' general state of health improved noticeably when he gave them the essential ingredient of BIRM a variety of Bittersweet Nightshade. Laboratory examinations indicating anemia and the patients' inability to assimilate nutrition was greatly reduced. Generally, he found that their state of well being was improved 80% with his plant extract. He also noted that patients who were treated with chemotherapy had a better tolerance to the toxic effects of the chemical treatment. Further observation determined these patients had an improved quality of life over those who did not receive the plant extract.

Though his focus was on helping his cancer patients he also discovered that other types of infirmities his patients had (in addition to their cancer) were also improved with amazing results. Among those were arthritis, lupus, allergies and asthma. Dr. Cevallos conducted studies over 12 years showing that the plant extract from the Amazon acted fundamentally at a systemic immune leveler.

In 1990, the success of his program had become so well known that AIDS patients began coming to Quito requesting treatment. At that time in Ecuador, just hearing the word “AIDS” made it politically impossible for Dr. Cevallos to treat these patients there. The fear of contamination and risk to the public health was a highly emotional concern. Yet he was adamant about helping these patients so he started a study in the U.S. at the Birmingham Institute.

There were 3 phenomenal aspects about BIRM that were uncovered. First, there was a definite effectiveness of this product against high-level toxins. Second, the Birmingham Institute laboratory was able to observe a significant antiviral action. Third, this plant extract was capable of protecting against the massive destruction of the T-4 lymph cells. Through the action of super antigens, even in the absence of a virus, thousands of these T-4 lymph cells died instantly. According to the Institute's study, the BIRM protected these T-4 cells by 60%. Finally, the study was done to determine the content of this extract by using magnetic nuclear resonance. The report revealed a sugar of the lowest possible molecular weight. In 1989, Lancet Magazine discussed this theory of the lowest molecular weight being an ideal substance to spark the immune system and protect it from the destruction of lymphatic cells.

Further study was made of the micronutrients of the BIRM and the research found that 1000 parts to the million correspond to calcium. It is well known that calcium is essential to the equilibrium and that this ingredient is fundamental to the entire metabolic system. This is why BIRM has such a spectacular effect on anemia.

The BIRM, he said, has the capability of maintaining the nervous system. Additionally, it has magnesium, manganese and other principal ingredients essential to the muscular and metabolic equilibrium.

Also, he reminded us that results can be evaluated in as little as a month. He has been treating and testing for 25 years on his very sick patients. Of these patients, he found that many have benefited, some more, some less but all experienced positive results. It is important to remember, he says, that the product works upon being ingested and that its action is immediate on the immune cell system.

I hope this answers many of the questions we have received and that this may help you enjoy greater investing and business. Merri and I are in excellent health but find that BIRM brings us greater energy, vitality and clearness of mind so we can do the work that we feel we must.

Until next message, good investing!