More Opinions on Ecuador

by | Nov 21, 2001 | Archives

Here is a report from a real estate broker in Ecuador.

Dear International Friend, Several weeks ago I sent a series of questions to Ecuadorians in all walks of life so we can see their opinions on how Ecuador is recovering. Here are answers from Margarita Perez an Ecuadorian real estate broker. She worked many years at the American Embassy so has an intimate understanding of Americans as well as Ecuador.

	Is tourism down?	YES, AFTER THE 11 OF SEPT. TOURISM HAS BEEN VERY SLOW. NOW IT IS GETTING BETTER.		Any effect on real estate prices yet?	NOT BECAUSE OF THE ATTACK. OUR ECONOMY WAS GOING THROUGH A BAD 	TIME, BUT NOW PRICES ARE COMING UP A LITTLE BIT. REAL ESTATE 	IS STARTING TO MOVE AGAIN.			Any new laws we need to be aware of as strangers in a strange land?	NO, EVERYTHING IS THE SAME.		Have attitudes towards Americans changed?	NO, MAY BE ONE OR TWO PROTESTS AGAINST THE U.S. BUT THAT IS ALL.	AMERICANS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME IN ECUADOR.		Are the new airport and pipeline initiatives still on track, 	or have they been delayed?	YES, THEY ARE ON TRACK. THE GOVERNMENT IS WORKING ON BOTH 	PROJECTS. THE PIPE LINE IS ALREADY CONTRACTED FOR 	CONSTRUCTION.		Is the inflation rate still continuing to go down?	YES, SINCE JANUARY THE INFLATION RATE HAS GONE DOWN.		Is the new president still able to get any reform measures in place.	YES		Does he still have a chance to win the election next year?	NO, NOBOA IS NOT GOING TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT NEXT YEAR.		Is the war with Peru really over?...	YES.

In conclusion, Ecuador is still a peaceful country. Even though for Ecuadorians the economy is very weak. For foreign people this country is a good choice.You can get real estate information from Margarita at the address below.

Until next message, good investing!