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by | Nov 4, 2001 | Archives

Here is another answer to questions about Ecuador.

Dear International Friend,

Our last message provided answers from a businessman (travel agency and Spanish school) to the question sent to us from a reader below.


With the events of 9-11, everything everywhere has been shook up to some degree. I think it would be of interest for some words on how Ecuador is faring. Is tourism down? Any effect on real estate prices yet? Are the exports holding up? Any new laws we need to be aware of as strangers in a strange land? Have attitudes towards Americans changed? Are the new airport and pipeline initiatives still on track, or have they been delayed? Is the inflation rate still continuing to go down? Is the new president still able to get any reform measures in place/ Does he still have a chance to win the election next year? Is the war with Peru really over?…

This second reply is from a hotel manager in Quito whose opinion I trust very much .

“Dear Gary,

I can send you answers of some of the questions:The war with Peru is really over and I saw yesterday a report where the public was asked if they experience a change in the quality of relationship between Ecuador and Peru and about 70% answered that they feel that the relations are more solid, honest and bring more business for both of them.

Real estate business is very low because the prices for the moment are to high and Ecuador is living a situation of recession. Export products like shrimps, bananas and specialy petrol are very affected.

Tourism is low but I think this depends more from the high exchange rate of the dollar in Europe.

No new laws for strangers and the attitude towards americans didn'tchange. If there is a feeling it's more solidarity becauseon the one hand Ecuadorians are very peaceful and on the other hand a lot of Ecuadorian people died in this absurd attack in the Twin Towers.

The president can't win the next elections because Ecuadorian laws forbids that a president can be reelected.

Regards, Liisa”

I am finishing our International Business Made EZ course in Orlando on November 4th and then fly to Quito and Guayaquil November 6th to look at real estate and a teak Plantation.

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