How anyone can hold emerging market bonds

by | Oct 28, 2001 | Archives

Many readers like emerging bonds but ask which ones and how can I do all this. Here is one really simple answer.

Bond mutual funds provide an easy way for investors to diversify into a spread of bonds. Emerging market bond funds are even more important because choosing the right markets abroad requires even more research and execution expertise. The Jyske Bank Euro Emerging Market fund allows investors to start with as little as 5,000 Euros (about $4,000) and offers a spread of bonds, plus diversification into the Euro.

This approximate geographic spread of bonds of this fund at this time are:

10% Argentina5.6% Brazil2.7% Germany12% Hungary5% Lithuania5% Mexico7.5% Romania9.5% Russia5% Slovakia1.5% South Africa4% Philippines17% Turkey3% Ukraine1% Venezuela

Full details of this fund or get specific answers to your questions from Teddy Christiansen or Thomas Fischer

Here are their current comments about this fund.

   "Gary   We strongly recommend to buy Jyske Invests Euro Emerging Markets   Bond Fund.   Attached you can find a graph showing the development in this Bond   Fund compared to an investment in 3-5 year EMU Government Bonds.   You can also find calculations, which shows that an optimized   portfolio should contain at least 12% of this Bond Fund.

Next message we look at bonds in Iceland! Until then good global investing!